Student testimonial: Eliecer

student ambassador Reboo, Eliecer and two of his friends   Hi, My name is Eliecer, I’m a student at Manchester English Centre. I was looking for a school to improve my skills in English. I chose Manchester for the football, because I like it. I found EC Manchester on the internet. I start … Read more

Ambassador Testimonial: Reboo

Hello, My name is Mohamed Ermali, I’m an student ambassador at EC Manchester. I came here in January. At first it was really difficult to understand the people, but now I think I’m really good, because at the Manchester English Centre they have really good teachers. They always do everyt … Read more

Teacher’s testimonial: Sameh Drira

About me:   My name is Sameh Drira and I live in Manchester. My passion has always been books, travelling and teaching. I speak Tunisian, Standard Arabic, French and I’m learning Spanish! My dream is to travel around the world! I’ve already visited 20 countries so far and I love collecting mini … Read more

Intern Testimonial : Maeva

Hi, my name is Maeva and I am the new Student Services Intern. Before that I studied employment law for 5 years at the University of Bordeaux in France and after I have studied Human Resources in the Business school of Bordeaux. It’s very important for me to improve my skills in English and that’s w … Read more

Intern Testimonial : Celest

 Pablo and Celest Hi! I’m Celest and I’ve been studying at the School of Translation and Interpreting in the Netherlands, Maastricht, and am doing my internship here at EC in Manchester. I’ve been here now for almost a month and really enjoy both the school and Manchester. Compared to my hometown, t … Read more

Student Testimonial : Mazen Alsharari

  Mazen comes from Saudi Arabia and he stayed here for English course in Manchester for 10 months. When he started his course, he didn’t speak a word of English. Now he has reached an intermediate level of English. Before he leaves, he let us a message: “-I choosed this school, beca … Read more