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Student, Celia, reviews our Manchester English school

Celia is learning English in Manchester with EC. Find out what it’s like being a student in Manchester during Covid and what we are doing to help her improve her English while keeping her feeling safe and secure. I am currently on a language study trip to Manchester at the EC Manchester English school. As far as my school is concerned, I feel very safe and secure. The recommendations are being seriously implemented. For example: wearing a mask required, the distance between each person, disinfectant is available, every morning our temperature is taken, etc. But that in no way affects my learning. The teachers are available and help us if necessary. I have had great encounters. This “strange” situation makes us more united and connected with the people I have met. Regarding the situation in general, I feel as safe here as in Switzerland. When I arrived I carried out a strict 14-day quarantine. It allowed me to have time to discover my host family. Despite the restrictions, over the next three weeks, I was able to explore the city, while feeling safe. I noticed when I entered closed places, there were always security guards who enforced the rules. Recently new restrictions are in effect, this does not take away the pleasure of my stay. The people I have met are more conscientious about the situation than in Switzerland. Before I left for Switzerland, I noticed that many people were breaking the rules, especially regarding the wearing of masks on public transport. Here if you do not have a mask you cannot enter the transportations and any other places. I live in a welcoming family. I have a very good understanding of the lady with whom I live. She cleans the door handles several times a day. The bathroom is also … Read more

Learn English in Manchester

Manchester is home to great music and a good place to study English

Students often choose a Manchester English school because they love the local music scene and the legendary bands that called the city home. Music is a great ally for learning English and the UK is the birthplace of many world-famous bands. So how about looking for an English language school in Manchester and getting to know some local bands that have made and are still very successful while learning the world’s most spoken language in a historic, culturally-rich city? This, of course, is a subject for many posts, as it is not fair to leave any famous “Mancunian” (Manchester-born) out! To start this theme, we opted for 3 bands that certainly are or have been part of your playlist, and highlight some successful songs and that can help you develop some English skills. Learn English “little by little” with some inspiring lyrics from Oasis band That’s right! Oasis is a band that was born in Manchester in 1991 but decided to split in 2009, to the chagrin of the fans. However, the hits played by Liam and Noel Gallagher, Paul Arthurs, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock (final lineup) still rock and inspire many people around the world due to the depth of the lyrics. Who doesn’t remember “Little by Little”, “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”, “Stand By Me” and so many others? Despite the band’s demise in 2018, “Live Forever” was named the best British song of all time, following a survey by Radio X. Check out a little example: “Maybe I just want to fly I want to live I don’t want to die Maybe I just want to breath Maybe I just don’t believe Maybe you’re the same as me We see things they’ll never see You and I are gonna live forever” In addition to first place, … Read more

Wonderful 3 months internship at EC Manchester English School!

My name is Theo, and I am a French student in a business school Telecom Business School. This summer, I had to do an internship, and a friend told me about his internship. He did it at EC Manchester, a language school, 2 years ago. It was a great opportunity, to be able to complete my internship abroad. So, interested in, I postulated and here I am: student at the “Student Services”. The first main part of my internship here was student registration management. So every week, I have prepared Welcome packs for arriving students, input their information in the system, prepared timetables and schedule… It was very nice because it is the first contact with students, and with new friends! Because it is also the opportunity to meet new friends from all around the world, with their own culture! And on the other hand, it was a communication internship. As I have a second technical degree in com munication I was able to use my knowledge to help the school to improve its communication. So I created new templates for posters and weekly presentations. By improving their communication, I also improve my skills in English by writing blogs like this one. Of course, I didn’t just work here, but I also have enjoyed the beautiful city of Manchester, and around thanks to the trips organised! I have been pleasantly surprised how open minded Mancunian people are. They have all their own style without fear of others’ opinion. I have really appreciated it! And Northern Quarter was definitely my favorite place, very different from what kind of neighbourhood we can find in France. Thank you EC Manchester for those amazing 3 months, I am coming back home the luggage full of souvenirs and memories!

First day and Welcome Drink at EC Manchester

Every Monday we have new students who come to the school for their first day, they arrive at 8:30 and have a free muffin. After an induction of the school presented by Mike, they have the placement test to find their level. At lunch time, they can enjoy the tour of the city organized by the interns where they can discover the most useful places near the school. In the afternoon, the new students have Coffee and Chat, in this activity, they can meet other students and play different games and have free coffee/ tea and biscuits. Their first day finishes when Sarah gives them their timetable.  After this long day, the new students will have many occasions to meet the other students for example in class but also with the Welcome Drink on Tuesday. At EC Manchester, we have many different activities but one of the most popular for the students is the Welcome Drink. Every week, more than twenty students meet at the Yates Pub which is  5 minutes from the school and  after a long first day of class for the new students. This Tuesday the students were lucky because it was sunny and they enjoyed the terrace. The Welcome Drink helped the new students to feel integrated into the group.  With a drink and for some students a meal, they share their experience in the school and also the old students gave some tips to the new about the life in Manchester. For EC Manchester, it’s very important that the new students feel comfortable as quickly as possible, so we try to do our best to help them to do that.

Get to know one of our Classes – English in the City

EC Manchester has recently opened a new course named ‘English in the City’, a programme designed to promote the learning of English through studying different aspects of the city where students are living. The course has given students the opportunity to learn about many aspects of Manchester including looking at the famous industrial past of the city, researching the important music and sports scenes and much more. The twelve week course has so far been very successful. One student has commented, ‘I think this class is very useful for me because I have recently arrived in Manchester. To get out in the city and speak English with Manchester people is good to help us improve.’ The course teacher also said, ‘It’s great for students to realise there is more to studying abroad than just the area they live and the school and definitely a bonus for me to show Manchester as a great city to live.’ The positive feedback has made the course popular in the school as it enters its second term and continues to be a hit with new students who want to know more about the city where they have chosen to improve their English.   Find out more about English courses in Manchester  

Francisco – Manchester is my cup of tea

Francisco is one of the students who has been with us for a very long time. Not only is he one of the students at EC Manchester School of English, he has also been one of the ambassadors. It was great having you in the school, Francisco. May we meet again one day. I would like to start saying that I’ve found in Manchester my second home and perhaps one day it will be my first home. I leave with with all the good experiences and wisdom that I’ve gather over here. Manchester is a lovely place where the weather can be crazy as the people living in here and in those I include myself. From scratch I thought that I wouldn’t like the city or the things here but it was just a matter of time that I realized that I was in the best city in the UK, this city has taken a part of my heart as well as the people that I’ve met here, all of those people will always remain as my mates. I can certainly say that this experience is the bee’s knees and all the great things you can learn here you will never learn it anywhere else. Either the people, the school or the city are things I will never forget, I am totally glad to have come here and it has been the best decision I have ever taken, without a doubt about it. Manchester does have grey skies, cloudy days and very chilly nights, but this becomes just something irrelevant when you are living the way you live in here and that not even a bad weather will dampens your mood because you’re already accustomed to it and you just want to have fun or paint the town red. And that’s … Read more

Student testimonial: Patrick

EC Manchester is a really good school, because the teachers always have your back. The language school is very good to meet new people and in particular at the EC Manchester School of English, because there are a lot of nationalities and friendly people. The courses are very interesting and the classrooms are modern and pleasant to study in. And if you want to visit the city or do activities or go to a party, it’s possible, because the school organizes something every day, so you have to just ask the staff, who are very friendly. Manchester is a beautiful city, there are a lot of shops and the centre is beautiful. There are also some museums, very interesting. If you like to drink something with your friends, there are a lot of good pubs and good places to do parties. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time in Manchester! Patrick.

Trip to Lovely Oxford

Last weekend a group of students of EC’s English School in Manchester visited Oxford. Although the weather wasn’t great, all the students enjoyed the trip.   When you arrive in Oxford and start walking through the centre, it feels like you’ve been taken back a couple of centuries. The buildings are old, but still in a perfect state and they make the whole city feel cosy and warm. The universities and libraries are beautiful and enable you to understand why Oxford has such a reputation. Not only the architecture is what makes Oxford such a nice place to visit, also the centre plays part in this. The cars aren’t allowed in the streets, so the place is full of tourists, students and families. Oxford is definitely a place to visit when you have the chance. Hopefully the weather will be better than when we visited, but even if the weather is not great, you’ll still feel the ambiance which makes so many people fall in love with this lovely, unique place.  

A Guide to Manchester Customs (2)

Manchester is not only a great place to study English at the Manchester English Centre, but also a fantastic city filled with clubs, music, food festivals and just about every form of entertainment imaginable… FOOD (LOCAL DELICACIES) Black Pudding – Usually connected with Bury markets, these are long sausages made by boiling pig blood and oats together. Tastes much better than it sounds. Barms – Also called cobs/rolls/muffins and a dangerous topic for conversation. It’s a bread bun that you slice in half to make bacon butties with. Manchester Tart – A simple shortcrust tart made with raspberry jam and custard. No jokes about the name, please. The Manchester Egg – Invented by Mr Ben Holden. A pickled egg wrapped in black pudding and sausage meat coated in a golden crumb. Give it a try. Everyone seems to like them. Vimto – The purple nectar. For those hungover days. Ostrich Burgers – Although ostrich is by no means a local species, you can’t live in Manchester without trying the outdoor food market, the highlight of which for me is the Safari Grill, a company who provide loads of different meats including ostrich, kangaroo and zebra. Fish, chips and mushy peas with gravy – Now we know this makes our southern friends uncomfortable, but you have to face facts. Fish, chips and gravy is delicious. Deal with it.   FOOTBALL It’s no secret that Manchester loves football. It’s home to two of the world’s biggest teams and one of its fiercest rivalries, so if you live here then you’d better get used to match days. This means three things- bursting trams on match days, foreigners asking for directions and old men trying to sell you scarves with weirdly pixellated pictures of player’s faces.   MARKET STREET If it’s your first time … Read more

A Guide to Manchester Customs (1)

Manchester is not only a great place to study English at the Manchester English Centre, but also a fantastic city filled with clubs, music, food festivals and just about every form of entertainment imaginable. Freshers week will be here soon, which means that there will be thousands of new students joining us in Salford, Man Met and Manchester University from all over the country and overseas.  We know that living in a new city can be a stressful and confusing experience, so to make things a little easier here’s freshers veteran Elliot Garlick’s introduction to Manchester… USEFUL PHRASES To start us off, here’s a list of the more common phrases you may encounter during your stay. ‘Going to town’– visiting the city centre. ‘Ave it’– a celebratory remark. ‘Get in’ or ‘belter’ are also acceptable. ‘Dibble’–  the police. From Officer Dibble of 60s cartoon ‘Top Cat’ fame. ‘Mint’– great, as in ‘That film was mint!’ or ‘That mint was mint!’ ‘anging’– terrible, as in ‘That drink was ‘anging, mate.’ ‘Dead’– very, as in ‘My mate is dead stupid.’ Not to be confused with ‘My mate is dead, stupid” ‘Hard’–  tough or dangerous. Warning; if someone asks if you’re hard (or ‘well ‘ard’), they probably want to fight you. ‘Mither’ –  pester, bother, trouble. ‘Dinner’ –  a meal eaten at lunchtime. ‘Tea’ –  a meal eaten at dinner time. ‘Brew’ –  tea (beverage). ‘Rank’ –  awful, foul-tasting. ‘Deck’ –  nothing to do with DIY. It means to hit or punch, as in ‘I’m gonna deck you, mate’. ‘Mate/Pal/Cock/Love/Flower/Mucker’– terms of endearment. Not as insulting as they sound. ‘Gaggin’ – dying for. For example, ‘I’m gaggin’ for a brew, mate’ means ‘I’d really love a cup of tea, please’. ‘Snide’– counterfeit or mean. For example, ‘Mate, she looks like Shrek after a … Read more