My Student Ambassador experience at EC Manchester English School!

Being an EC student ambassador is one of the best experiences i have ever had here in Manchester. Since EC Manchester has become not only a school, but also a second home for me, i will never regret doing this. I still remember the moment i was asked if i am interested to be a part of the school as a student ambassador, i told myself “why not?”, and that is the beginning of the new me.   At first, I was too shy to speak. Actually, i was too shy to do everything because i was not confident in myself enough to feel that i am also as good as others. But when i became a student ambassador, i have to do things which i never thought i would do it before like talking with new people like i have known them for years, being even more friendly and out-going, trying not to be shy, making people laugh, entertaining them, helping them as they are one of my best friends, including answering some questions about grammar. These things were new to me but i think i have done it quite well. To be honest, i feel really good when people come to me for help. I don’t mind helping them. I love seeing their faces turning from confusing mode to realising one, and that makes me really happy. Besides, I can improve my English skills in both speaking and listening because I have to listen to many accents from all around the world, also learn to know how to speak and use the variety of vocabularies with different levels of people. Lastly, the most wonderful thing i have from being a student ambassador is friendship. I have got many friends. Even if i know that they come and go, … Read more

Paintball with Smile Adventure !

Some of our students played Paintball Saturday 29th July. They left Manchester in the morning with students from others language schools . All the paintball staff welcomed the students with military atmosphere.  Once everybody was fitted with all of the protective clothes, the staff explained all the security instructions and how to play paintball. In total, we had four teams and each team played against the same team every times. The goal of the first game was to take the flag of the opposite camp. For some students, it was the first time they played Paintball so the first game was a discovery. After the second game, the students had a break and enjoyed a free pizza. During this time , they shared their experience of the paintball and tried to make new tactics for the afternoon games.  After a break of one hour, the games restarted. For the third game one team had to steal the money in a bank during the other team had to try to protect it.  The last game was  “one shot” rule, one team had to shoot all the other players of opposite team. If a player is touched, he left the game.  Each round lasted 30 minutes so at the end every student played 2 hours. At the end of the day despite some bruises, students can’t wait to play again! Thanks to EC Manchester and Smile Adventures, students were able to discover a new sport and really enjoyed themselves!  

First day and Welcome Drink at EC Manchester

Every Monday we have new students who come to the school for their first day, they arrive at 8:30 and have a free muffin. After an induction of the school presented by Mike, they have the placement test to find their level. At lunch time, they can enjoy the tour of the city organized by the interns where they can discover the most useful places near the school. In the afternoon, the new students have Coffee and Chat, in this activity, they can meet other students and play different games and have free coffee/ tea and biscuits. Their first day finishes when Sarah gives them their timetable.  After this long day, the new students will have many occasions to meet the other students for example in class but also with the Welcome Drink on Tuesday. At EC Manchester, we have many different activities but one of the most popular for the students is the Welcome Drink. Every week, more than twenty students meet at the Yates Pub which is  5 minutes from the school and  after a long first day of class for the new students. This Tuesday the students were lucky because it was sunny and they enjoyed the terrace. The Welcome Drink helped the new students to feel integrated into the group.  With a drink and for some students a meal, they share their experience in the school and also the old students gave some tips to the new about the life in Manchester. For EC Manchester, it’s very important that the new students feel comfortable as quickly as possible, so we try to do our best to help them to do that.

Graduation at EC Manchester

All beautiful things have to end one day. After few weeks or few months, it’s finally time for our students to leave. After weeks of effort, of classes, but also fun, meetings, animations… they finally go home, heads full of memories, with new friends all around the world. It’s with emotion that we award their EC Manchester Language School  diploma. Directed by Aimee.   The graduation ceremony brings together all the students in the reception, to applaud them. Even their teachers come to participate, to greet one last time their students. Biscuits, sweet things, coffee, tea… It is full of emotion that we share a last moment discussing and taking photos together with our famous EC English orange frame. Among our new graduates, some stayed almost 1 year with us, in   Manchester: Abdullah, Nader, Hamad, Badr, Saleh, Ahmed, Abdulmuhsen, Abdulrahman, Abdullah, Mohammed & Asama. They are going to miss us, we hope that they enjoyed their time in our company in Manchester. Special thanks to Abdullah, our student ambassador who helped us to integrate new students every week, as an intermediary with all students and for his everyday good mood. EC Manchester will always remember them, but this is not over: Next Monday, new students will arrive, the EC team will expand again, and the adventure will keep going. We can’t wait to welcome them.    

Peak District Tour with Smile Adventures

On Saturday 27th May, some of our students had the pleasure to go on a trip to the Peak District with our partner Smile Adventures. The students visited one of the best national parks in the United Kingdom, located less than an hour from Manchester. The trip was for the whole day escorted by Lee, a super and friendly guide who helped them discover the beauty of Peak District with in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere.     The first stop was in Mam Tor, the students walked on a hill where they admired the 360-degrees view on the whole Peak District. The presence of free sheep made this place unique! The next stop was the traditional village of Castelton. This village attracts every year thousands of tourists. Students visited Peak Caverns located in center village. The Peak Caverns are the biggest natural caverns on the British Island where you can see the rest of an old village where a whole community lived and worked. Meanwhile other students preferred having a walk in the wonderful village under the sun and after they had lunch in a traditional pub on the terrace. After a good meal which permitted to create friendship between the students and in the same time to practice their English they resumed their trip. As the weather was good, Lee decided to add an improvised stop so the students had the chance to visit a very nice place which is not very know by the tourists.   The last stop was the famous Ladybower reservoir where the students had discovered one of the biggest reserves of drinkable water of England which supply the cities of Derby and Leicester. For the return, the bus passed in the “Snake Road” where the students admired for one last time the beautiful landscape of Peak District. Through EC Manchester Language School and Smile … Read more

Pietro receiving his graduation certificate

Pietro’s Testimonial

We would like introduce Pietro who came from Brazil and stayed one month with EC Manchester Language School. He would like to share his EC experience with a short testimonial:   “Student life in Manchester is, in general, quite comfortable. The facilities at the school are great, there’s no shortage of places to go shopping, and the nightlife is wild. Excluding the occasional unmotivated study partner, the class atmosphere is also great, with teachers that try their best to keep the classes entertaining and fun, which reflects on the students and their behavior. Said teachers are qualified and very effective, not to mention cheerful and fun, but most importantly, they are helpful: There was not a single moment in which I didn’t feel like my opinions mattered, or a situation where I felt like I wasn’t being listened to. Overall I’d definitely recommend the school to others looking for quality english teaching, as EC’s facilities are great, their teachers are dedicated, and the activities they do on weekends through Smile Adventures tours are also really fun. I made some good progress while there, from Advanced (C1) to Proficiency (C2), but I’m on the lower end – I’ve seen people walk in without knowing a single word of english, and in no time they were perfectly capable of holding conversations. It’s all possible if you put yourself to it.”   Want to have the same experience as Pietro? all you have to do is join us at EC Manchester or any of our language schools.   we promise that you will have an experience that you will never forget.   #ecexperience @ #ecmanchester  

FIFA Tournament

Last month, we had the idea of coming up with  a FIFA Tournament at the school. Thus, the tournament began on May 9th 2017 and it is finished on May 26th 2017. During this period, all students clashed one by one on the PS4 of EC Manchester. This tournament was really an amazing experience as it allowed some students to forge links and allowed them to  integrate into the school festivity. Thus, many students decided to participate in the tournament which took place throughout May. Several phases have been organized; Group Stage, Knock out Stage, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & the Final!. Between each break, the students had only one goal, to play their FIFA match and to win as many matches as possible to go to Final. We are proud to have organized this tournament which was an enormous success in our school because the students were just talking about this event. The final  took place on 26 May 2017 between Javier and Camilo, it was a tough final, the score was  very tight and both participants are going to penalties. The suspense was at its highest until the last second of the match. So, Javier is our big winner of FIFA tournaments of May 2017. To congratulate him, we decided to offer him a magnificent Adidas football shirt with his name on it.           The big winner of the FIFA tournament       Although not everyone was able to participate in this event, it brought the students closer to the school and after its success, we want to organize another FIFA tournament at EC Manchester Language School.   Want to share the same experience of our students, then join us at EC Manchester. #ecexperience #ecmanchester

June Activity Program

For June, the Student Services Team from EC Manchester has done everything possible to offer amazing activity program for students in order to make the most of their experience with us. Firstly, we decided to create a new event called “Around the world Food Night”, with the aim of offering twice a month during the evening a restaurant to eat specialties from each country. So, to start this new event we chose to eat in a famous French restaurant to enable students to discover French culinary specialties. In two weeks, we will stop in a Mexican restaurant to eat the best burritos of Manchester. So, by the end of the year we would like to go around the world of the specialties of Manchester. In addition, on this activity program we offer students a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry, an outing at the Manchester Skating Rink and a beer pong in one of the best bars in the city. Also, with the beautiful weather coming, we had the very good idea of organizing a giant BBQ at Heaton Park with all of our students, we look forward to that moment.     This month we offer fantastic trips with our partner Smile Adventure in Lake District, Liverpool, North Yorkshire and Leeds. These weekend trips are an opportunity for students to discover new horizons and make new acquaintances. I will let you discover the activity program offered to students this month at EC Manchester Language School.