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Hello! My name is Ai

  Hello! I’m Ai from Japan, a student ambassador in EC English School Manchester. Since this is my first entry, let me write about some advantages of studying at here.   Some people may think studying abroad is overrated, but I think it’s actually worth enough to pay. First of all, by talking, listening and reading in class, we get chances to think about various things that we usually don’t think about. It lets us find the right way to express our thinking so that we improve our skills! I think this is why attending classes is the fastest way to make progress.   It is sometimes difficult to study in the multi-cultural environment, we must try something different from what we usually do in our home countries. For me, I simply try to talk more and find topics for chit-chatting. In Japan, stereotypically it is said people are reserved so I train myself to be more talkative to have conversation with new friends. It results in improving our skills for interpersonal communication which is important in any situation in the future!   As an illustration, I had a classmate who seemed not comfortable talking with me, however, after keep talking and sharing my opinions, we became good friends! We went to café, had a tea together and talked a lot. It is such a simple thing and sounds very normal but the fact that we overcame the invisible wall between us was a big achievement for me!   Finally what I really like about our school is we can learn special Mancunian language from native teachers! It’s difficult to copy their pronunciation but if I can manage it in the end, it should be the best gain of study. Also, we hear their English outside of school every day … Read more

EC Manchester leaving ceremony.

Bye, bye, Levi!

    The time has come to say farewell at EC Manchester to our amazing Student Service Intern, Levi. Here is a short testimonial from her speaking about her time living and working in Manchester: “I worked as a Student Service Intern for EC Manchester for five months. Back home in the Netherlands I’m studying to become a translator and this internship was meant to get “fully emerged in the British culture” and improve my English language. While working at EC and living in a home stay in Manchester, I learned lots about the British way of life and also had many interesting conversations with students who taught me all kinds of different cultures. For example: I learned Cuban Salsa from a Polish man, I spoke to students from Saudi-Arabia and Oman about marital law, I discussed corruption and poverty with students from Colombia and maybe even most dangerous of all…I told Brazilians my opinion on football. I had an amazing time in Manchester. If you ever come to visit, please go to Monton and take a walk in the beautiful Broadoak Park, try chips with gravy and if you go and see any cultural building at all, let it be the John Rylands Library, because to me that is the embodiment of the Mancunian spirit. It represents the hard-working but also social history of the people and how curiosity never goes out of style. But whatever you do when you’re here, enjoy yourself as much as you can and don’t hold back, because it might feel like it’s going to be an eternity when your homesickness kicks in, but looking back during your last week you’ll realise that time flies and not a single conversation, trip or drink was wasted and you’ll remember those moments forever.” From all the students … Read more

Student international night out – Erasmus Party!

Erasmus party in Manchester Hi everyone my name his Hugo, currently I’m an Intern at EC Manchester for 2 months, today I write this post to share with you my own experience in Manchester especially about it’s night life with the Erasmus party ! The party was at the ARK Club in the Deansgate Locks, a sumptuous place in Manchester and probably one of my favorite ! The party was the 21th September, 1300 people were present this night from all over the world. The atmosphere in the club was really crazy, it was a good opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Inside the waitress served a lot of shots, it was funny to try new alcohol from England with friends ahah ! If you come in Manchester you should try an Erasmus party, we hope to see you soon 😉 If you’re interested in following an English course at EC English Manchester, why not join an IELTS Course in Manchester

Trip to magical North Wales with Smile Adventures

  Hi I’m Levi, one of the interns at EC English Manchester, on Sunday the 24th I went on a Smile Adventures trip to North Wales. Here’s how I liked it: During the trip we had 4 destinations; Llandudno, Conwy, Snowdonia National Park and Betws Y Coed, I’ll tell you a little bit about all of them. Llandundo After a trip of about 90 minutes we arrived in Llandudno, a beautiful Victorian seaside town where we were able to walk on the beach and the pier, there are all kinds of nostalgic little shops. Foodie tip: try a Welsh meat pie (only try this if you’re REALLY hungry, because there’s a delicious lunch waiting for you in Conwy). Conwy This was our longest stop (two hours), our guide gave us a choice to either visit the old castle, or join him on a walk on the city walls. I chose the walk over the city walls because it was free, yes I am THAT Dutch;), and because I wanted to enjoy the nice weather (no rain Yay!). Foodie tip of the day: After the walk we got pretty hungry so we went to an award winning fish & chips shop, although I usually don’t like fish & chips that much, but it was so good!! The fish batter was golden crispy and the chips were not too greasy Snowdonia national Park After that we drove into the national park where we had a short walk amongst the mountains. As I come from the flattest country in the world I was mesmerized by the beauty of the surroundings and how clean the water was. Betws Y Coed Our last stop was in a little town on the edge of the National Park, this was the perfect ending tot he trip as it combined the friendly town-life with the stunning nature of the park. … Read more

My Student Ambassador experience at EC Manchester English School!

Being an EC student ambassador is one of the best experiences i have ever had here in Manchester. Since EC Manchester has become not only a school, but also a second home for me, i will never regret doing this. I still remember the moment i was asked if i am interested to be a part of the school as a student ambassador, i told myself “why not?”, and that is the beginning of the new me.   At first, I was too shy to speak. Actually, i was too shy to do everything because i was not confident in myself enough to feel that i am also as good as others. But when i became a student ambassador, i have to do things which i never thought i would do it before like talking with new people like i have known them for years, being even more friendly and out-going, trying not to be shy, making people laugh, entertaining them, helping them as they are one of my best friends, including answering some questions about grammar. These things were new to me but i think i have done it quite well. To be honest, i feel really good when people come to me for help. I don’t mind helping them. I love seeing their faces turning from confusing mode to realising one, and that makes me really happy. Besides, I can improve my English skills in both speaking and listening because I have to listen to many accents from all around the world, also learn to know how to speak and use the variety of vocabularies with different levels of people. Lastly, the most wonderful thing i have from being a student ambassador is friendship. I have got many friends. Even if i know that they come and go, … Read more

Ninja Warrior: EC Students coming to your TV screen soon! (or not…)

For a change of activity, the EC Manchester staff organised a Ninja Warrior training last week. Exactly as the famous TV show, it is a really difficult obstacle run, where all your body is working hard! Nevertheless, a lot of brave students wanted to try. Just in case, we booked the Academic level, it was the first time for everyone after all. When we arrived, it  was the case that the academic level is for young people… So we finally change for the Ninja Recruit level. Fortunately, even for adult runs, there were different level of run. Full of confidence, we were starting with the first obstacle in front of us when a member of the staff interrupted us. We were just starting by the hardest one. So she took us to the easiest one, made us some warm up exercise and gave us the security policy. Now, we were really ready to start our ninja initiation! At this moment, it was possible to see different behaviors between the student : those who went first for it, and the other who preferred to look first how to do and then try. It was very demanding tests:strength, velocity, balance… All the body was solicited! But some students were very comfortable, and succeeded the tests one after the other! The favorite one was the final of each runs, the wall! Students had to run on the wall and jump to reach the border, and it was increasingly difficult! But increasingly fun too!   Only the bravest (and tallest) students were able to partially manage the hardest run! Despite of the challenge, they didn’t give up! For a first time, they were really motivated! It is fatigued that we came back in town, eager to take a good shower!

Wonderful 3 months internship at EC Manchester English School!

My name is Theo, and I am a French student in a business school Telecom Business School. This summer, I had to do an internship, and a friend told me about his internship. He did it at EC Manchester, a language school, 2 years ago. It was a great opportunity, to be able to complete my internship abroad. So, interested in, I postulated and here I am: student at the “Student Services”. The first main part of my internship here was student registration management. So every week, I have prepared Welcome packs for arriving students, input their information in the system, prepared timetables and schedule… It was very nice because it is the first contact with students, and with new friends! Because it is also the opportunity to meet new friends from all around the world, with their own culture! And on the other hand, it was a communication internship. As I have a second technical degree in com munication I was able to use my knowledge to help the school to improve its communication. So I created new templates for posters and weekly presentations. By improving their communication, I also improve my skills in English by writing blogs like this one. Of course, I didn’t just work here, but I also have enjoyed the beautiful city of Manchester, and around thanks to the trips organised! I have been pleasantly surprised how open minded Mancunian people are. They have all their own style without fear of others’ opinion. I have really appreciated it! And Northern Quarter was definitely my favorite place, very different from what kind of neighbourhood we can find in France. Thank you EC Manchester for those amazing 3 months, I am coming back home the luggage full of souvenirs and memories!

North Wales Tour with Smile Adventure

Last weekend fifteen of our students went on a trip to North Wales with Smile Adventure. The students took the bus on Saturday morning in the rain in the direction of the city of Llandudno. A sun was awaiting them, they were able to discover the small seaside town considered  the most pleasant city to live in the Wales. After a walk on the waterfront and many photos proving that in England can also be nice, the students were back on the road to the town of Cowny. Conwy is a small traditional town which is very well known for its magnificent castle built in 1284. The students visited the castle in a “Game Of Thrones” atmosphere. After they enjoyed a traditional Fish & Chips by the river in the sun where good humor was present. After two stops in towns, the students left for the famous Snowdonia National Park. In a completely different atmosphere, the students found themselves in the countryside. The small walk through the greenery was amazing and beautiful. The students were able to admire the different landscapes that were offered to them between the rocks, lake and sheep. In the park, the water is so pure that it can be drunk directly to the river, the more adventurous decided to taste the water. During this trip, new friendships were created between the students who have at the same time where improving their English. All the students were delighted with this trip and discover another version of Britain! It is therefore possible thanks to EC Manchester for students to discover the beauty of England while improving their English.

A Special Barbecue at EC Manchester!

The EC Family expected for this barbecue on Sunday. A lot of students sign for it and everybody spoke about it the whole week ! Our interns bought meat, bread, crisps, drink… but the Manchester weather was not in our favor, so we can’t find any place outside where we could go… Anyway, we did not get discouraged, and we stayed inside for a Special Barbecue at EC Manchester Language School and enjoyed our time! While most of students were playing board games as Uno or Jenga with half of the interns.Together, we had set up the reception room into a buffet, with game spaces! We completely improvised, but it was a nice alternative to the expected barbecue. And preparing it all together made it much better! After three sandwiches per person, we spend all afternoon in the school. With chocolate biscuits for the dessert, playing together, discussing… It was also a good opportunity to meet new students who will start the EC adventure the next day. Everybody stayed until 4:30 pm, tired of this wonderful afternoon together, but now it’s time to rest before going back to class tomorrow! To share this time with us too : why not subscribe for a full immersion English courses in Manchester?

Graduation at EC Manchester

All beautiful things have to end one day. After few weeks or few months, it’s finally time for our students to leave. After weeks of effort, of classes, but also fun, meetings, animations… they finally go home, heads full of memories, with new friends all around the world. It’s with emotion that we award their EC Manchester Language School  diploma. Directed by Aimee.   The graduation ceremony brings together all the students in the reception, to applaud them. Even their teachers come to participate, to greet one last time their students. Biscuits, sweet things, coffee, tea… It is full of emotion that we share a last moment discussing and taking photos together with our famous EC English orange frame. Among our new graduates, some stayed almost 1 year with us, in   Manchester: Abdullah, Nader, Hamad, Badr, Saleh, Ahmed, Abdulmuhsen, Abdulrahman, Abdullah, Mohammed & Asama. They are going to miss us, we hope that they enjoyed their time in our company in Manchester. Special thanks to Abdullah, our student ambassador who helped us to integrate new students every week, as an intermediary with all students and for his everyday good mood. EC Manchester will always remember them, but this is not over: Next Monday, new students will arrive, the EC team will expand again, and the adventure will keep going. We can’t wait to welcome them.