EC Manchester English Student Ambassador Testimonial by Ricardo

One of our awesome student ambassadors is leaving this week, here’s his testimonial about his EC Experience at EC Manchester. Thank you for the good times Ricardo!   Remembering my very first days at EC Manchester made me realize the importance of a warm welcome when someone, like I did, arrives into a new culture, particularly if it is going to be for a long period of time. I said this not because it wasn’t offered to me at that moment but because I wanted to take part in this process and try to make friends who I could enjoy this exciting city with.   Now that I am in my last days here and look back, the fact of being an EC ambassador opened to me a whole world of opportunities to enhance my experience, from going to play football on Fridays to participate in coffee and chat on Mondays when the new students come to improve their English. Those activities are available to join but when you feel part of the school, a feeling of belonginess arises deep down.   I will certainly miss EC, Manchester, my friends and but I am completely happy and satisfied I’ve accomplished a goal I’d set up long time ago. Now, I just have several tools to keep learning English whenever and wherever I go.   Ricardo Velasco   Find out more about homestay Manchester English Courses!  

EC Activities: “Prison Break” with Break Out

Last week-end, EC Manchester organised an Escape room for a couple of students. This is Rene’s testimony, one of the participating students : “We arrived the hall of breakout. One of the staff members welcomed us and wanted to know whether we have some experience in playing escape games. He realized the most of us had their first escape room experience on this day. So he has given us a detailed introduction than. Before the game has been started they took me in the room at first. Because I was the wrongly imprisoned person in this game. He handcuffed me and looked me into a cell. Now the game could finally start. The others came in the room and it was their task to free me from the cell and afterwards we had to escape the room before the warden is back in his office. The room was separated in a cell and the warden’s office. Obviously the warden was a big fan of playing games. We’ve found some play cards, poker chips and a chessboard. Now my mates started to investigate his office and I my cell. Unfortunately my range to move was rather limited because of my handcuffs. But one of my mates found the key and I could free my self from my handcuffs. But I was still locked in my cell. At least from the cell I could help to find some ideas how to manage some of the puzzles. Than we found a connection how to use the poker chips and the chessboard. Also the playcards led us to a new solution. Finally we found a key to open my metal door. We continued together to investigate the rooms, open padlocks and found also some really tricky hidden places. Of course we needed also a … Read more

English in the city: Police Museum Visit!

In addition to our general English courses, we also propose some Intensive classes every day from 13:00 to 14:30. While some students are preparing the IELTS exam or learning more professional vocabulary, others are going outside to visit the city. Thanks to the Special Focus class “English in the City”, an Intensive English courses in Manchester, students can improve their English by visiting Manchester. This time, the teacher took them to the Police Museum.   Next to the center of Manchester, this museum expose two hundred years of history until today. The first room was the crime room: an old officer office with a lot of different criminal weapons exposed, from the old and rusty blade to the tommy gun. The second room was the biggest of the museum. In this one, students were able to try some police suits as helmets and coats. A lot of pictures decorate the room, but also mannequin on police motorbike.   The visit continued outside, and it is probably the most animated part of the museum. First, armed policemen presented current police stuff like handcuffs, bulletproof jacket and rifles. Even without magazine, it’s very heavy! Then, a more attractive part for the youngest: a police dog with his master, who liked visitors hugs! The next part of the museum was an old police office. Students started by the reception were a policeman was presenting old handcuff and all sort of things. Next to this room, 4 jails was open to the public. Today they are not use anymore, so visitors was able to try the beds, that were actually made only of wood, very uncomfortable… In the last one, pictures of all people incarcerated decorate the walls. Finally, at the first floor of the police office, a small Court of Justice where they were able … Read more

July activities calendar

EC Manchester July Activity

Today, we will discover together the EC Manchester July Activity  creates by the interns especially for the EC Manchester students. All of our interns worked tirelessly to find the best possible activities to do on Manchester. Firstly, on July 5th our students will have the chance to visit the Museum Of Science and Industry, a place inevitable in Manchester, the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Then, every Thursday for July and August, our partner Smile Adventure offers our students a bike tour to discover Manchester under the summer sun. Moreover, we planned to do a bowling July 12nd with all of our students and then rock climbing on July 26th for lovers of strong sensations. In addition, like every Friday night after their classes, EC Manchester offers our passionate football students to compete in a match. Several other activities will also take place, including the international social event in a well known Manchester restaurant on July 11th, an escape room on July 19th for our most lazy students and finally our “Welcome Drink” which takes place every Monday of the month To welcome our new students and to allow them their first friendship in the school. On weekends in July, students will not have time to get bored as we have planned several trips to exceptional places around Manchester such as Peak District, Lake District and York to enjoy the view and relax Under the sun and I no longer think of anything. Otherwise, for the most terrible of them and sensation enthusiasts we organized for the 22nd of July a day at Alton Tower and on the 29th of July a day at the paintball. Thus, our students have to be prepare for the monthly programme created especially for them. We look forward to many of them and hope that … Read more

First day with EC Manchester: Manchester Orientation Tour!

Even if classes start on Monday, the bravest future new students can join us on Sunday at 11:00 am for a brunch in Manchester. It is a friendlier way to meet us for them, and a good way to enjoy a wonderful brunch in our favorite restaurant “The Alchemist”. After everyone ordered their brunch, we all start to speak about where all are from, what do they study, etc. After roughly one hour, once bellies full, we start our Manchester Orientation Tour! And we are very lucky: the sun was here on the day, for a perfect walk! We started by showing them all interesting places around Piccadilly Garden such as the post office, the bus stop… but it is just the useful spot, the most interesting come after. For our football fans, we pass through the National Football museum and its famous football players pavement. The next step is the oldest public library of all Manchester, the museum Chethams Library. Maybe you already know it but all museums in Manchester are free to visit!  The next stop is the pubs Sinclair’s Oyster & Old Wellington, where we took the time for a picture together.Then we kept walking in Manchester, passing through John Ryland Library, Lincoln Square… Finally, we arrived in front of the Town Hall, where there is a festival those days! And we ended our tour by passing in Chinatown, the biggest in the whole UK where you can find a lot of Asian restaurant, karaoke also, etc. There are now ready for a full immersion English courses in Manchester! Tomorrow we going to see them for the beginning of their EC Experience!

Roberto graduation

Roberto’s experience at EC Manchester English Centre

Roberto came from Italy and he spent four months studying at General English Course at EC Manchester. He has decided to share his EC experience.   I think that the great word to describe this is “Amazing”. EC Manchester is a big family where you can find directors, teachers and students. When I arrived in Manchester I was alone because I didn’t know nobody and I didn’t know the city and the language. So, the first day was ugly but after I started to love that life. In general I don’t like to study and to go to the school, but in those 4 months that I spent in Manchester I loved to go every day to school. Every day I had a different activity to do like football, Netflix’s day, welcome drink etc. It was a perfect experience because I met people from different countries and cultures. You could open your mind and you can learn to know people come from of opposing continents and to share the values in common. I shared a lot of things with Korean, Brazil, Colombian, Chile, Arabic’s friends. I spent 4 months in UK and in my opinion I improved my English through the teachings of professors and to speak every time with my friends. You must speak all time in English. It was the secret. In the end, EC Manchester is a fantastic school (new and clean) where you can learn the language through the preparation of good teachers. If you want to do a fantastic experience in UK, you must choose EC Manchester  !!! We thank Roberto for his testimonial and we hope you enjoyed your EC experience. would you like to have an experience similar to Roberto’s experience, then what you waiting for.. Come & Join us

EC Manchester English Language School’s 3rd Anniversary

Friday was a special day for EC Manchester as we celebrated our 3rd birthday and we would like to share it with you. Indeed, our school was founded on May 12, 2014 with Michael Pisani, our central director, and Sarah Bryan, our Director of Studies. The first days only about ten students come to live the EC experience and 3 years after, our school has more than 109 students, 8 Teachers and 6 staff members. With the time, the school have grown and continue to learn every day. Our students at EC Manchester are the most crucial point of this article as they are our engine and without them, EC Manchester Language School would never have seen the light of day. Since our beginnings, we have welcomed a several number of students from all around the world, this has allowed us to meet incredible people but also provided us a strong cultural openness. Moreover, the proximity with our students and a major element of our success, given that we are part of the small schools of the EC group we have the chance to know all our students and to maintain a close relationship with them. From its first day, EC Manchester continues to grow and innovate to continuously improve the English in Manchester and make them feel at home.           For this special occasion, we would like to thank all of our students for supporting us and making this school possible and we strongly embrace our former students without whom the existence of this school will be impossible.From all our students, teachers and staff that we wish a EC Manchester a Happy Birthday. In the name of the entire team, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being here every day … Read more

Birth of a friendship at EC Manchester Language School

This friendship story began some months ago, Roberto an Italian guy and Fabian a Colombian guy came to EC Manchester the same week and were in the same class of their first day. From that moment, they knew they would become very good friends. As the weeks and months passed, these two students of opposing continents learned to know each other and share the values in common and eventually became more than just acquaintances but very good friends. During their lunchtime, their only goal was to meet at the school’s reception for a FIFA battle on the PS4. Over time, they have become inseparable.   So, these two students met through EC Manchester and became very good friends. This school allowed them to meet and establish a foster friendly links that wouldn’t be possible without EC Manchester. This is what makes this school so strong, bringing people from all over the world together and exchanging experience and knowledge between them. This experience is more than enriching and allows you to open your mind to the whole world. EC Manchester is a place where friendships are born and will stay with you forever. So, if you want to experience an adventure such as Fabian and Roberto and meet people from around the world, EC Manchester Language School experience is made for you. Don’t hesitate one second and join us now.  

Get to know one of our Classes – English in the City

EC Manchester has recently opened a new course named ‘English in the City’, a programme designed to promote the learning of English through studying different aspects of the city where students are living. The course has given students the opportunity to learn about many aspects of Manchester including looking at the famous industrial past of the city, researching the important music and sports scenes and much more. The twelve week course has so far been very successful. One student has commented, ‘I think this class is very useful for me because I have recently arrived in Manchester. To get out in the city and speak English with Manchester people is good to help us improve.’ The course teacher also said, ‘It’s great for students to realise there is more to studying abroad than just the area they live and the school and definitely a bonus for me to show Manchester as a great city to live.’ The positive feedback has made the course popular in the school as it enters its second term and continues to be a hit with new students who want to know more about the city where they have chosen to improve their English.   Find out more about English courses in Manchester