Roberto graduation

Roberto’s experience at EC Manchester English Centre

Roberto came from Italy and he spent four months studying at General English Course at EC Manchester. He has decided to share his EC experience.   I think that the great word to describe this is “Amazing”. EC Manchester is a big family where you can find directors, teachers and students. When I arrived in … Read more

EC Manchester English Language School’s 3rd Anniversary

Friday was a special day for EC Manchester as we celebrated our 3rd birthday and we would like to share it with you. Indeed, our school was founded on May 12, 2014 with Michael Pisani, our central director, and Sarah Bryan, our Director of Studies. The first days only about ten students come to live … Read more

Student Dinner Night for EC Manchester Language School Students

              Yesterday the EC staff organised a meal for the students at Nandos, a famous restaurant appreciated by the students. It was a pleasant and relax moment! In total, more than twenty students were present! All the students had discovered new cultures because around a same table it was … Read more

Birth of a friendship at EC Manchester Language School

This friendship story began some months ago, Roberto an Italian guy and Fabian a Colombian guy came to EC Manchester the same week and were in the same class of their first day. From that moment, they knew they would become very good friends. As the weeks and months passed, these two students of opposing continents … Read more

Get to know one of our Classes – English in the City

EC Manchester has recently opened a new course named ‘English in the City’, a programme designed to promote the learning of English through studying different aspects of the city where students are living. The course has given students the opportunity to learn about many aspects of Manchester including looking at the famous industrial past of … Read more

English Courses at EC Manchester

With the opening of our Manchester school practically round the corner (how exciting!) and all preparations in full swing, we just can’t wait to welcome you all to our stylish new classrooms. Talking about classrooms… have you taken a look at our English courses in Manchester? The choice is yours. If you’re after a global … Read more