Up for a snooze?

The Royal Melbourne Zoo

For many international visitors, the word ‘Australia’ conjures up images of koalas nestled in gum trees or herds of kangaroos bounding across the outback. Oblivious to their fame, these marsupials act as our international ambassadors. Whether you plan to stay here for two weeks or two years, seeing … Read more

Make friends with English

Imagine being able to practice speaking English and easily make new friends in your free time. Melbourne has many language exchange events in and around the city. But EC Melbourne has a regular event called ‘Lingos’ right on its doorstep that runs twice a week. This event offers a place to meet peop … Read more

Want to make your Insta pop?

Insta-Worthy Melbourne

When you study English in Melbourne, we understand that there is more to life than the classroom. Indeed, one of the most exciting parts of living in a new country is being able to show off your chosen locale to friends and family on social media. Documenting your adventures abroad is a rite of pass … Read more

Cafes in Melbourne

Melbourne Coffee Culture

If you are lucky enough to study English in Melbourne, you will quickly discover that this is a city fuelled by the almighty coffee bean. That’s right, Melburnians are completely addicted to caffeine – and moreover, we are very proud of it. From the famous bustling café central that is Degrave … Read more

English Melbourne Australia

English outside the classroom

EC Melbourne students regularly get the opportunity to practice their English-speaking skills outside of the classroom. EC students in Melbourne enjoy many excursions to free events in and outside of the city with their teachers. Students get to do many activities in pairs or in groups with their cl … Read more

Camberwell Sunday Market

The Camberwell Sunday Market

For many Melbournians the Camberwell Market is something of a Sunday ritual*. Whether you are hoping to find something specific or simply wanting to soak up some of the local atmosphere, the market is an ideal way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.     How Do I Get There? Don’t have a car? No … Read more

EC Melbourne

3 Great Reasons to Choose Melbourne to Learn English

Australia is constantly showing up in the list of countries chosen by those who wish to learn English abroad. Among many reasons that motivate this choice is the quality of life offered by some of Australia’s most important cities. So for those considering travel and taking the time to learn t … Read more