Fun Facts about Leap Day

Some classes today learned about the importance of February 29th as Leap Day. Students found out that a Leap Year occurs every four years and is one day longer to ensure that the seasons are appropriately aligned with the calendar. In the process of learning about Leap Year, we learned some fun, and sometimes strange … Read more

Oscar Challenge Winners

As many of our students know, we were running a fun competition to see how many correct “picks” people could make for the Oscars during EC Miami’s Oscar Challenge. The Oscars, one of the most famous movie awards shows, are now over and we now know the winners. We would like to congratulate Damian and Beat for successfully … Read more

Chocolate Lecture Essay Contest Winner

EC Miami kicked off its lecture program last week on Thursday with a lecture by Nicoletta about the history of chocolate. The students who attended learned that lectures are not always boring things at university, but they can also be very interesting and a way to improve your listening skills. After speaking, Nicoletta challenged the attendees … Read more

My Connection with the Maldivian Octopus

In a class assignment, Tatiana, one of our students, was asked to write about an incredible experience she has had in her life. Here is her story in her own words about her encounter with an amazing, underwater creature! “I would like to tell you about incredible experience that I had during one of my ocean diving safari trips. We … Read more

Let’s go HEAT!

Last night, some of our students left “the beach” with Nicoletta and Reese and headed to downtown Miami to watch some NBA basketball. The Miami Heat played the Sacramento Kings at the American Airlines arena and won 120-108. Congratulations Miami! While the score might make you think that the Miami HEAT were the sure winners, this was definitely not true for … Read more

Starting President’s Day Weekend with Full Bellies

We did it! We, 12 amazing EC Miami students, conquered the beastly Motherburger last night. Many of the students who attended the event yesterday are probably still full today and that fullness might continue throughout the long President’s Day weekend. The evening at Burgers and Beer started out with standard pitchers of beer and an appetizer … Read more

Preparing for the Motherburger…

Burger and Beer Joint from Carlos Miller on Vimeo. At EC Miami we always love our food-related events. We have come together to try Cuban food and sushi and we are looking forward to many more of these delicious events. Next week is the South Beach Food and Wine festival and we anticipate that many of our food-loving students will … Read more