Watersports in Miami

EC Miami is happy to announce that we will now begin featuring writing by our students on our blog in addition to our regular updates. This post is written by two students in our Upper-Intermediate Class about various watersports that students should try in Miami. Tatiana from Russia and Aleksandra from Poland give some great suggestions for adventurous students interested in these types of activities.

Welcome to Miami! There are many activities which you can do here. We suggest trying some water sports because this is a very good place for such kind of experience. Mostly the weather here is very good, it’s usually sunny and warm. There are many possibilities; you could try scuba–diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and water skiing.

Tatiana snaps a picture of a whale shark (the picture is not from Miami, but she says you can see these sharks here too)

You will find many places on the beach where you can get the agencies which have all of the equipment you need. However, we recommend you to do scuba – diving because in this area there are lots of marvelous corals gardens, many colorful fish and amazing underwater views.

Moreover, if you a lucky person you will see the magnificent fish called whale shark which is the biggest fish all over the world. Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous because this fish only eats plankton. It’s very exciting and you probably will forget about your problems after such an incredible experience. In general all watersports are amazing!



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