Preparing for the Motherburger…

Burger and Beer Joint from Carlos Miller on Vimeo.

At EC Miami we always love our food-related events. We have come together to try Cuban food and sushi and we are looking forward to many more of these delicious events. Next week is the South Beach Food and Wine festival and we anticipate that many of our food-loving students will check that out as well. Some of our students are especially eager for tomorrow evening when 12 of us will work together to conquer the Motherburger at a local burger and beer restaurant. What is the Motherburger, you may ask? I guess you’ll just have to keep reading! 

According to the menu this burger is, “A ginormous beast the size of a manhole cover* and sandwiched in a bun that resembles a couch cushion!” This huge, approx. 10 pound burger can easily feed a crowd of people. There might even be leftovers! We are counting on our student team to keep their bellies empty for the next twenty-four hours in preparation for tomorrow’s feast. I don’t think we have any professional eaters in our group, so it will be a real challenge.

You can definitely expect to see plenty of pictures later this week of us trying to eat the entire burger. Cheer us on from afar!

*manhole: a small covered opening in the pavement leading underground to a sewer or drain



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