EC Giving Back Day!

As all of our staff, and most of our students, now know that EC Miami will be participating in a Giving Back Day. This day is important because we want to help our communities and volunteer our time. The special day will be on Saturday, April 14th from about 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. and it is a great opportu … Read more

My Language Travel

Every week on the activities calendar there is a small box in the corner that you might not notice, but it is very important. The box asks you to “like” us on Facebook, come read our blog (here!), and rate us on You may not have heard about this website before, but it is a grea … Read more

¡Noche Latina!

In Miami, we are lucky enough to live in a very international city that is largely influenced by Latin culture. To experience some Latin food and music, some of our students had a Noche Latina with Elisa last night. The group started the night on Espanola Way at Havana 1957 restaurant and tried vari … Read more

It’s SCUBA Time!

With all of this rainy weather in Miami lately it seems wet enough outside to swim on the flooding Miami Beach streets! Instead of heading to the beach today, many students took the opportunity to come learn about water sports in Florida, especially about scuba diving. Eric, our Upper Intermediate t … Read more

Have you ever…?

When students learn the perfect tenses for the first time, they can definitely be confusing. Once you know the basic rules about how to form the perfect tenses and how to use participles you can talk about some pretty silly topics. A fun activity in some of our classes is to play a game called, &#82 … Read more