My Language Travel

Every week on the activities calendar there is a small box in the corner that you might not notice, but it is very important. The box asks you to “like” us on Facebook, come read our blog (here!), and rate us on You may not have heard about this website before, but it is a great place to go because it contains reviews of many language schools around the world, including us – EC Miami!

This website is similar to for restaurants ratings or for hotel reviews. You can rate EC Miami with a certain number of stars (hopefully a lot!) and write a review (hopefully positive!) about your time at EC Miami and in South Beach in general. These reviews can be very helpful for students who are deciding where they want to study in the world and which specific language school they want to attend within a city.

In addition to writing your own review of EC Miami, you can also read what our previous students have written about us on My Language Travel. You could also read reviews about language schools in other cities around the world and see how amazing EC is worldwide. If you have some free time, log-on to My Language Travel and write your review. We want to know what you think of us because we want to make EC Miami as great as possible!