MBPD Captain Answers EC Student Questions

Does anyone know what the acronym MBPD stands for? If you guessed Miami Beach Police Department, you are correct! Today, Captain Mark Causey of the MBPD came to EC Miami to talk to students from the CAE, FCE, and Upper Intermediate classes at EC Miami. He answered many of our questions and we all le … Read more

5 Quick Pronunciation Tips

At EC Miami, we always hold Pronunciation Clinic on Tuesday afternoons and it is a great opportunity to have a free class and learn about the sounds in English. While some of you do come to the clinic, others of you are busy sunbathing at the beach. We understand that Miami Beach has plenty of distr … Read more

Meet Goran (Gogi)!

It’s time to meet our final student ambassador Goran (Gogi) from Zurich, Switzerland. Gogi, who is studying to take his FCE exam in June, is very active at many student activities and he speaks many languages because of his Swiss and Serbian background. Let’s find out more about Gogi now! Why did yo … Read more