Meet Rachel!

It’s time to meet another one of our student ambassadors – Rachel Muraro from Sospel, France. Rachel, who is studying in a general English course at EC Miami, is always very active in EC Miami events and you can often find her Skyping with her husband and children in the student lounge. Keep reading to find out more about our only female student ambassador! Question: Why did you choose to study in Miami? Rachel: A good opportunity from EC school to offer me the change, first to improve my English and then to “live” in an EC English school as a student, for my nonprofit organization in France “ABEONA06” (about study abroad). Miami is the new EC school! Q: What do you like best about the city? R: Climate, seaside with beautiful sand beaches, tropical vegetation, shopping. The proximity of the Everglades, the Keys and all about nature. Q: What interested you about becoming an EC Miami student ambassador? R: Because I like to be a guide and I know some interesting things to do in Miami. And it’s interesting to meet new people to know what are their motivations to be here. Q: What is your #1 recommendation for new students at EC Miami? R: Enjoy the American way of life! And the beautiful beaches!

Quinn’s – A Nice Place for a Special Evening

In the FCE class the students, including Sandro our student ambassador who we just learned about in a previous blog post, are learning about writing reviews of movies, books, and restaurants. In the interest of giving suggestions to students for new food places to try in the area, the EC Miami blog will be featuring their restaurant reviews. The first review, written by Sandro, tells us about Quinn’s, a high-priced restaurant which specializes in meat and seafood. Quinn’s is located on the very famous Ocean Drive which makes it quite expensive. Overall I can say that it was really delicious and the meat was exceptional.  I ordered a steak au poivre with spicy rustic roasted potatoes. The pepper crust was especially delicious and the meat was delicate. Unfortunately I’m not really an expert on wines. However one of my friends told me that the price-quality ratio of our wine was good. The waiters at Quinn’s are a little bit snobby. They were first very confused to see young students in their restaurant. They first asked us if we had already seen the prices to make sure that we knew the prices.  After that our main waiter was friendly. We just had to interrupt him while he was reading all the menu down and we told him that we just needed a minute before we ordered something.  I recommend Quinn’s to everyone who would like to spend a nice evening in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a delicious, tender steak. Don’t worry about the waiters. They’re snobby but overall friendly. Please don’t forget to bring enough money. The meals with meat are between $40 and $50. Quinn’s is not a restaurant for every day but a good choice for a special evening.

Meet Sandro!

We have already congratulated Sandro, Goran, and Rachel for being chosen to represent EC Miami as student ambassadors, but now we need to know some things about them! This is the first blog post in a series of three about our ambassador team. First, we will learn about Sandro who is an FCE student from Siebnen, Switzerland. Question: Why did you choose to study in Miami? Sandro: To study in Miami is a great mix between studying and improving the English skills and having a lot fun and enjoying the beach and the nightlife. Q: What do you like best about the city? S: Miami Beach is never boring. There is always something going on here. There are so many possibilities to go out and to get in contact with crazy but friendly people. Q: What interested you about becoming an EC Miami Student Ambassador? S: To be a student ambassador is a good possibility to get in contact with new students. Besides making new friends, I hope also to be able to practice my speaking skills. Q: What is your #1 recommendation for new students at EC Miami? S: Have fun and try to get in contact with many students from other countries so that you’re urged to speak English in your free time also.

We love our Peeps!

Well, not everyone loves Peeps, but they are a spring-time, Easter tradition. During our graduation, students were encouraged to try the classic, American, fluorescent, marshmallow treats. Most students agreed that they were cute, but some people were put off by the bright yellow color and weren’t sure whether they wanted to eat them. Other students, such as Iris from Switzerland, ate more than one Peep because she said she loves everything sweet and nothing is too sweet for her. On the other hand, Sergey from Russia thought that they were too sugary and didn’t even finish one Peep. Whether they loved them or hated them, the students appreciated the Easter fun. During class, students also received Easter eggs, which were filled with various jelly bean treats. Amanda i.e. the Easter Bunny’s basket full of treats was a welcome sight for students in class who were ready for the weekend and needed a sugar boost to make it through Friday. We hope everyone enjoyed their yummy candies and we hope you have a happy and safe Easter weekend.

Congratulations Student Ambassadors!

As promised in a previous post, our first three student ambassadors have been chosen. We are happy to announce that the people to represent the EC Miami student body for April are Sandro from Switzerland, Rachel from France, and Gogi from Switzerland! These students will have a range of responsibilities, but most of all they will be representing you – our students! They will be helping us to think of future EC Miami activities and blog posts, so if you have any ideas, let them know. The ambassador team will also be meeting and talking to new students during the welcome lunch at Shake Shack and the welcome walk. The new students will definitely have some friendly people to talk to while they eat yummy burgers! Now that they are student ambassadors, you can also ask them any questions you might have about student life in Miami. I’m sure they have great suggestions for EC Miami events and things to do in the South Beach and greater Miami area. We have three ambassadors, instead of one, so they will share the various jobs and will rotate tasks. To get to know each of them more individually keep reading our blog. We will be posting interviews with them and you can find out more about their Miami and EC recommendations. So, keep watching the blog for more information about our ambassadors and don’t forget to say congratulations to these students when you see them in the hallway!

Salsa Stars at EC Miami

Last Friday EC Miami students and staff had a great experience dancing the night away at Yuca salsa bar. Check out the videos of our salsa experience on Facebook. The night started with yummy mojitos and performances by more advanced dancers. Then, we started our beginner classes with a teacher who showed up the basic steps. After learning the steps forward and back and side to side, the teacher let us try some more complicated spins and turns with fancy names like “xivila”. As soon as we understood the basics of the dance we started salsaing in partners to the music. Every few minutes we would switch to a new partner and try out our moves again. The two hours of lessons passed very quickly and we were all very excited by the end of the evening. Many of our staff members including Amanda, Reese, and Elisa were able to join in the fun. This is what they thought of the event: Reese: “I have learned salsa once or twice before, but this was an especially fun event because we were able to try basic steps, but also watch the professional dancers. My favorite part was probably the spinning. I was also really proud to see many of our students (even the guys) try hard to get the moves and keep dancing after the classes finished.” Elisa: “For a beginner dance class, those were some advanced moves! It was difficult, but I had a good time.” Read our next blog post for interviews with our students who attended the salsa fun night!