Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Today, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo in an EC Miami style. Considering that Spanish is one of the major languages in the city of Miami, we decided to honor Mexican heritage with some decorations, nachos, and maracas.

During our graduation ceremony, students were greeted by mariachi music and nachos with cheese and jalapenos. Some students were hesitant to try the spicy peppers, but a few brave students gave them a try. Other students enjoyed trying on the Mexican sombreros and mustaches.

Yesterday, during our Chill and Chat, Elisa took the students to Rosa Mexicana, the great Mexican restaurant downstairs from EC Miami. The group talked about the origins of the holiday and Mexican culture and travel, while sampling guacamole and margaritas. Not many people know that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated because the Mexicans won a battle against the French in the city of Puebla in 1862. Although this is the historical reason for the holiday,

David, our accommodations manager, who is originally from Mexico, believes that there is nothing better than Mexican spices and parties. He, and everyone at EC Miami, suggests that all of you try some Mexican food this weekend and attend one of the street parties in the area. Orale!!! (Let’s go!)