Idioms about Rain

It's about to rain on the EC volleyball players parade!

Many of us woke up today and were surprised to see a huge storm outside of our windows. It was pouring rain and some of the streets were even flooding! May has been a wet month for Miami, but this morning was especially rainy. Luckily, it is now a little sunnier this afternoon, but because of our rainy month we thought we would teach you a few idioms about rain!

“It’s raining cats and dogs.” – This is one of the first idioms that many English learners hear. It is a great example of an idiom and it means it is raining A LOT.

“I’ll be there, rain or shine.” – This idiom means that whether life is bad or good, I will be at some event. Rain or shine tells us that the weather or our mood will not affect our decision to do something.

“Don’t rain on my parade.” – Rain on my parade means ruin my day or my fun. This idiom tells someone not to make someone else unhappy.

“It’s raining men.” – This idiom is often said in a situation when there are many attractive men around. It was made famous in a song by The Weather Girls in 1982.

Do you know any other rain idioms?