Should you come to EC alone or with a friend?

Cyrill and Katherine, a married couple from Switzerland and Russia studied together at EC

Since EC Miami opened, we have noticed a trend of people who know each other coming to Miami together. We have had brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, co-workers, and friends study English here. Is it really a good idea to study abroad with someone you know? We asked some of the staff at EC and here are their answers.

Amanda: I think it is better to study abroad alone so you are forced to meet new people and speak the new language.  In the short term, you may feel overwhelmed by the challenges of being in a new country, but in the end you will appreciate having been pushed out of your comfort zone.

Reese: It’s always nice to be able to travel with someone you know well, but you should be careful. It is very easy to get lazy and only hang out with each other. This will cause you to speak less English because you both already speak the same language. If you decide to come with someone who you know, I definitely suggest that you try to meet other EC students from other countries and do activities with them.

David: I think it’s better to go alone. This is especially true if you are going to learn another language. Going alone gives you more of a chance to practice the language you are trying to learn. Also, if you go alone, you will make friends with the locals as opposed to isolating yourself with the person who you came with.

Elisa: I would say alone. This encourages people to branch out of their comfort zones and meet other people that they otherwise would not have spoken to.

It seems like most of us here think it’s better to go alone, but now it’s your turn to choose. Whether you decide to study English at EC Miami alone or with a partner of some sort, we hope to see you soon!