Friday Game Day

It’s Friday! Students are all excited for the weekend and are usually pretty eager to play games instead of studying grammar during class. Our teachers at EC Miami are fantastic and they find ways to make the students happy and keep them learning by playing speaking games or grammar games.

The CAE and FCE classes, which are closing today, combined together on this rainy Friday to play some of these fun games. First, we played a game called “Have you ever…” This speaking game asked students to use the present perfect and simple past tenses to answer questions about crazy things they have done in the past. We learned a lot about each other including some surprising wild adventures we have had in the past!

Next, we played another speaking game that involved forming yes/no questions. We all were given sticky notes with names written on them, but we put them on our foreheads, so we couldn’t see our “name.” We had to ask yes/no questions to our classmates to find out who we were. The people ranged from Bart Simpson to Lady Gaga to Spiderman. The students had a great time guessing each other.

So, as you can see, fun games can be English-related too!