What are the Cambridge exams?

Last week we said goodbye to our Cambridge exam students and this week they all worked hard taking their exams. As many of you know, EC Miami offers General English classes as well as Cambridge class and other types of classes. We talk about Cambridge students a lot, but do you know what the Cambridge exams are and why people take them? This blog post will give you some basic information about them.

Many people from all over the world take preparation classes and then take the Cambridge exams. These exams are used by some universities and businesses to prove your level of English. There are many Cambridge exams, but we are going to focus on the three most common ones for English language learners.

First, there is the FCE exam. This stands for the First Certificate in English and it equivalent to about an Upper-Intermediate level of English. Next, there is the CAE exam, which is the Certificate of Advanced English. So, it is obviously for Advanced Students. Lastly, the highest level of exam is the CPE exam or Certificate of Proficency in English. This test is the most difficult and is only for students who are almost completely fluent. Anyway can take these exams, but at EC Miami we suggest that you are at an Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate level before you try to do so.

All of the tests involve many skills of English such as Reading, Writing, Grammar/Vocabulary, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Therefore, it is important that you are good in many skills, instead of just one. If you ever have questions about the Cambridge exams, please ask at the front desk or go to the EC website and click on Cambridge ESOL under classes. Our next exam classes will be in September and we would love to see you in one of them!