Welcome to Miami! – From Taiwan

Our Taiwanese students at EC Miami always seem to be smiling, especially our student Sunny who just left us last week. We were sad to see him go but he will continue studying at EC Los Angeles. To find out what’s happening at EC in LA, click here.

Before he left, Sunny wrote a letter to new students welcoming them to EC Miami. Keep reading to see what advice he had for new students.

“Welcome to Miami! When we talk about Miami almost everyone would say beaches and sunshine. Besides, there are several advices from my life in Miami. First, if you like to drink, you must be over 21. If you are under 21, the shops can’t sell liquors to you. Second, in additional to enjoy the beach, you have to do homework and hand it in on time. If you want to improve your English, you should do that every time. Last, if you don’t want to sunburn during the vacation, you must put sunscreen during the vacation, you must put sunscreen even you just walk on the street! Because every day in Miami is a sunny day! I hope you have a wonderful vacation and enjoy everyday!