Movies Filmed in Miami

Today, we wanted to show the movie, “The Bird Cage” to give students an opportunity to improve their listening skills. This funny movie has many scenes which are filmed in South Beach, especially near the hotels in the Art Deco District. In fact, many movies are set in Miami and its a fun idea to watch movies … Read more

Isaac Experiences

Yesterday, as many of your know EC Miami did not have classes because of the possibility of flooding and other rain-related problems from Tropical Storm Isaac. In fact, all of the public schools in the county of Miami-Dade did not have classes. Isaac’s effect was different depending on where you were in the city of … Read more

Back to School

It’s that time again – time for children to go back to school. In Miami, you may have noticed that the buses and roads have been more crowded this week. This is because all of the school-aged children have finished their summer vacation and have started school. Every state and city in the U.S. starts … Read more


Tomorrow we have a great activity on our calendar for lunch and we wanted to tell you some more information about it, so you can sign up! Montaditos 100 is a local sandwich store, which has small Spanish style sandwiches. On Wednesdays they do a special promotion called Dollarmania when everything on the menu (drinks … Read more