Class President Project

To practice their public speaking and presentation skills, the Upper-Intermediate class at EC Miami worked in teams to create campaigns to convice other student to vote for them for class president. Each candidate worked with a speechwriter to help prepare a persuasive presentation to the group. The team’s also included advertising teams who worked together to create print, television, and even airplane advertisements to enocurage people to vote for their candidate. Although the project was just for fun and to practice convincing people in English, our students had some crazy ideas about how to improve EC Miami.

Christof, from Switzerland, said that as president he would create a swimming pool on the roof of EC Miami for students. His advertising team used a “negative” campaign to say what was wrong with each of the other candidates. The students were surprised to find out that these campaigns are common in the U.S.

Sophie, from Canada, said that she would give all students free ice cream after class to encourage them to attend all of their classes. Her group planned to advertise with some interesting tactics, such as a flash mob, free water bottles with Sophie’s face on them, and advertisements on the beach, which are carried by planes.

Finally, Nina from Switzerland, had a moving speech on top of a chair. She promised to give free electric cars and bicycles to all students so that they could get to class easily and in a way that was good for the environment. Her team also created a presentation on the computer, which showed all of her accomplishments.

We decided not to vote because every team was a winner, but it was a lot of fun to be creative and practice our presentation skills at the same time. You can do this activity and many other fun class projects when you learn English abroad at EC Miami!