Back to School

It’s that time again – time for children to go back to school. In Miami, you may have noticed that the buses and roads have been more crowded this week. This is because all of the school-aged children have finished their summer vacation and have started school.

Every state and city in the U.S. starts school on a different date, but most states begin at the end of August or beginning of September. In Florida, schools start earlier than in other states because of the weather. They start in August, so that they can end earlier and avoid the hot summer months.

What does back to school mean for you? It won’t affect your daily life too much but as we said before the streets are more crowded with more people commuting to class. Also, you will notice lots of sales in stores for “back to school” clothes and more stores will be selling school supplies such as notebooks or pens. So, if you always forget to bring a pen to class and have to steal one of David’s, now is the time to go buy one!

Also, next time you are feeling tired after your morning classes, remember that 7-year-old students stay in class until 3 p.m. in the U.S. You only have to stay in class until 12:00!