Labor Day and the End of Summer

Today, August 31, is the last day of the month but also the final day of the summer months. Many schools for children in Miami have already started classes and many of our EC Miami students are leaving us to go home to their countries to start university in their countries in the fall. On Monday, we will not have classes because of an American holiday called Labor Day. Many people think of this holiday as the “end of summer” holiday, but it also has a meaning.

Some people get confused because “labor” has a similiar meaning to “work,” so they don’t understand why people don’t work on Labor Day. Actually, Labor Day is a holiday which celebrates the success of American workers, so it gives workers the day off.

Although the exact meaning is related to work, many people think of the holiday in different ways. For some Americans, it is the day that tells them that the American football season is about to start. For other fashionable people, they might think that it is the last day to wear the color white because white it a summer color. (This is not really true in Florida. People wear white all year because it’s always hot).

To learn more about Labor Day and other U.S. holidays join Elisa on Thursday at 2:45 for Chill & Chat next week. Enjoy your day off and be safe!