“American” Football

Mark will be the first to tell you that in the U.S. the term “Football” is used to describe the sport of the NFL, of the Super Bowl, of many colleges across the country, and most importantly, it is used to describe the sport that spurs much rivalry between teams like the Greenbay Packers, the Pittsb … Read more

Baby G

After this Friday, EC Miami will have to wait in eager anticipation for news on the birth of Amanda Ross-Gomez’ baby, affectionately known as “Baby G”.   During the break this morning, staff, teachers and students celebrated a send-off for Amanda and Baby G by singing “Happy Birthday baby Gomez”.   … Read more

Hello EC Miami!!

My name is Kaitlin Farris and I have just arrived to EC Miami!  I will be joining the team as Acting Center Director while Amanda is out on maternity leave.  I am so excited to be joining such a great team and great school.  I have come down to Florida from EC Boston, where I have worked for the pas … Read more