EC Miami Student Recommends Sosta

EC Miami FCE Student recently tried an Italian restaurant on Lincoln Road and wrote a review for EC Students!  Great writing practice Melanie and thanks for the review we will have to check out this Italian restaurant!! Melanie wrote: “Italian flavour at Sosta” I tried Sosta for the first time two weeks ago, and I … Read more

Where to Buy Halloween Costumes in Miami

1) Not all Halloween costumes need to be scary. Although witches and zombies are popular costumes, princesses and superheroes are also common sights on Halloween. You don’t always need to scare other people with your costumes. You could also make them laugh or smile. 2) The best place to get Halloween costumes on Miami Beach is … Read more

Teachers Encourage Teachers

We already read about Lynnette’s amazing teacher who influenced her life. Now, we are going to read about one of Reese’s most important teachers – Professor Elizabeth Mehren. Reese met Prof. Mehren when she was undergraduate student studying journalism. Although Reese loved to write and Prof. Mehren taught her a lot about reporting and news … Read more

Student Ambassadors Fall/Winter 2012

We are happy to announce that after receiving quite a few fantastic applications, we have chosen our student ambassadors for fall/winter 2012. We announced the winners at Friday’s graduation and they are: Leo from Taiwan, Rosaria from Venezuela, and Michelle from Switzerland. Although we had a lot of great applications, we had to pick three and … Read more