October Student of the Month – Seeun (Seni)!

This month we have teachers of the month instead of just one teacher, but we still are going to have just one student of the month. To choose this month’s student, we asked all of the teachers about some of their favorite students and we kept hearing the same name – Seni! So, congratulations to Seeun (Seni) from Seoul, South Korea who is our October Student of the Month. Seni, who is an Academic Year student, is currently in the Intermediate class with Mark, but she has had many of the teachers at EC Miami because she has been here for awhile.

Mark, Seni’s teacher, said some very nice things about his smiling student. He said, “Seni always has a great attitude and she’s never afraid to try new things in class. She’s awesome!”

As far as Seni, she has some information and advice for any new students who are planning to study English at EC Miami. She said, “Miami is so beautiful and awesome! Teachers are so kind and friendly. I like EC Miami. You must go play volleyball at Ocean Drive and 8th St. You can meet many friends and it is really fun!”