Teachers of the Month…All of Us!

 This month – October – is a special month for teachers because Friday, October 5th is World Teachers’ Day. We will do another blog post this week explaining everything we have planned to celebrate our teachers on this important day. In October, instead of having a Teacher of the Month, we have decided to have TeacherS of the Month at EC Miami because we want to honor all of our great teachers.

Therefore, congratulations to Jose, Juan, Eric, Reese, Michelle, Edwin, Lynnette, and Mark! You are all co-teachers of the month and we are very proud of all of you. We know that you work hard everyday to help your students and we are very thankful for all of your patience in the classroom.

Our teachers are very helpful and good at what they do, but they also love their jobs. Here are some of the reasons why our teachers love being teachers at EC Miami:

“I’m always happiest when I’m interacting with students, helping them improve their English skills, and learning more about the world from their perspectives.” – Reese

“I have learned a lot from my students and it is very rewarding to be exposed to so many different viewpoints.” – Eric

“My job allows me to meet some of the most interesting people from all corners of the world.” – Juan

 “I love teaching because not only do I get to share my knowledge but I also get to learn from my students.” – Michelle