Teachers Encourage Teachers

Reese graduates with a degree in teaching after switching fields with Prof. Mehren's help

We already read about Lynnette’s amazing teacher who influenced her life. Now, we are going to read about one of Reese’s most important teachers – Professor Elizabeth Mehren. Reese met Prof. Mehren when she was undergraduate student studying journalism. Although Reese loved to write and Prof. Mehren taught her a lot about reporting and news writing, Reese decided that she didn’t really like journalism as much as she thought she did.

Prof. Mehren helped Reese to finish off her degree in journalism while she transitioned into the education field. Despite her belief that Reese was a great journalist, Prof. Mehren supported Reese in her decision to go in a different direction and pushed her to do what made her happy. Without Prof. Mehren’s encouragement and support, Reese might still be an unhappy journalist, instead of a happy teacher. This is what Reese had to say about her influential and important teacher.

“I was really unsure what to do when I realized that being a journalist wasn’t the right choice for me. I was afraid that if I told Prof. Mehren, who was one of my favorite teachers and my advisor, that I wanted to change and work in education, she would be angry. Instead, she was extremely supportive and she helped me to weigh my options and make the best choice possible. She also encouraged me to continue writing even though I no longer wanted to be a writer. This helped me a lot because as an English teacher now, one of my favorite subjects to teach students is writing. When I teach the important rules of writing to my students, I remember some of the tips from Prof. Mehren’s journalism classes. Thank you Prof. Mehren for believing in me and helping me to move my career in a direction that made me happy.”