Happy World Teachers’ Day!

The teachers at EC Miami and teachers all of their world were honored today, October 5th on World Teachers’ Day. Every school celebrated in its own way, but EC Miami decided to take a break from grammar, exam preparation, and vocabulary and do some special activities. All of the classes planned something interesting to show their Friday teacher how much they appreciated him/her. Some classes wrote loving poems to their teachers, while others compared their Friday teacher with their Thursday teacher. Some higher level classes made their teachers be the students by giving them tests and projects, while other classes had the students be the teachers by having the students make presentations and “teach” part of the class. Overall, it was a great way to continue speaking English, but in a fun way that showed teacher appreciation. During graduation, the teachers were given superlatives based on student votes. The winners were as follows: Best Teacher: Mark Most Creative: Reese Most Patient: Juan Strictest: Jose Happiest: Michelle and Lynnette Loudest Laugh: Edwin Best Handwriting: Eric After getting certificates and a trophy (for Mark!) the teachers were treated to a yummy lunch from EC Miami. Thanks for being great teachers! We are happy that all of you are a part of EC Miami and we know that your students are very interested in your classes!

Teachers Love Their Teachers Too!

In honor of World Teachers’ Day, we have decided to continue the theme and ask our teachers who their favorite teachers were when they were in the student chairs. Don’t forget that your teachers were once students just like you! They might not have been English students at EC Miami, but they had to learn a lot over the years too! Let’s start out with Lynnette and  her favorite teachers, Dr. Ruth Outland. Lynnette said she still keeps in touch with her amazing teacher to this day and that Dr. Outland really influenced her life. Dr. Ruth Outland inspired Lynnette to become a teacher. While in school to earn her Bachelor’s degree, Lynnette struggled with Algebra and failed the class twice until she met Dr. Outland. Outland had an infinite amount of patience with Lynnette and helped her to tackle the fear of Algebra. Once the fear was gone, Lynnette was able to see Algebra in a different way and passed the class with an A! (I should mention that the most amazing part of all of this is that Dr. Outland is an English teacher). It was Outland’s patience, guidance, and support that helped Lynnette pass the class. “Dr. Outland showed me that anything is possible if you work hard and put your mind to it,” Lynnette said. “I hope that I she can be as equally inspiring to my students. Thank you Dr. Outland!”

EC Miami Attempts to Play Touch Football

After Mark’s football lecture a few weeks ago, many of our students have been getting excited about this new American sport that they learned about. To encourage EC Miami students to continue embracing American football while they study English in Miami, we decided to have a touch football game. During this game, we wanted to teach the students the rules of the games and let them try their new sport out. Juan, the leader of the activity, taught them important football words like “hut” when you snap the ball and “huddle” when you meet as a group to talk about the next play. Rafael, from Brazil, was the quarterback because he was the best at throwing and everyone else worked together as blockers and runners. There were no “real” positions, but it was a lot of fun. Jongmin from Korea said it was his first time playing football. He said, “I have to quit smoking because it’s hard to run and block in American football. It was a good time because I have never tried a football game before, especially American football. I think someone needs to put a big umbrella over the game to get rid of the sun. It was interesting!” So, it sounds like the EC Miami football team might not be ready for a real competition yet, but the scrimmage was a lot of fun and a good learning experience!

Create A Country at EC Miami

When you study English at EC Miami, we care about you as an individual. We care about you so much that we allow you to create your own country in class! During our Get Talking class, the students were discussing politics and the differences between various countries and they decided that, instead of choosing one of the already-existing countries to live in, they would make their own. The students worked in teams to discuss important details about their country including the name, location, and political system. Juan also challenged his students to think of a Bill of Rights for citizens of the country and to create 5 laws for the country. The teams had to work together to make these difficult decisions and, although there were a few disagreements, they compromised in the end. After determining the most important information about their newly-created country, the students made a presentation to the rest of the class. It was very interesting that every single group stated that one of the most important laws for their country was freedom of speech. Great work, Get Talking students!

October Student of the Month – Seeun (Seni)!

This month we have teachers of the month instead of just one teacher, but we still are going to have just one student of the month. To choose this month’s student, we asked all of the teachers about some of their favorite students and we kept hearing the same name – Seni! So, congratulations to Seeun (Seni) from Seoul, South Korea who is our October Student of the Month. Seni, who is an Academic Year student, is currently in the Intermediate class with Mark, but she has had many of the teachers at EC Miami because she has been here for awhile. Mark, Seni’s teacher, said some very nice things about his smiling student. He said, “Seni always has a great attitude and she’s never afraid to try new things in class. She’s awesome!” As far as Seni, she has some information and advice for any new students who are planning to study English at EC Miami. She said, “Miami is so beautiful and awesome! Teachers are so kind and friendly. I like EC Miami. You must go play volleyball at Ocean Drive and 8th St. You can meet many friends and it is really fun!”

Teachers of the Month…All of Us!

 This month – October – is a special month for teachers because Friday, October 5th is World Teachers’ Day. We will do another blog post this week explaining everything we have planned to celebrate our teachers on this important day. In October, instead of having a Teacher of the Month, we have decided to have TeacherS of the Month at EC Miami because we want to honor all of our great teachers. Therefore, congratulations to Jose, Juan, Eric, Reese, Michelle, Edwin, Lynnette, and Mark! You are all co-teachers of the month and we are very proud of all of you. We know that you work hard everyday to help your students and we are very thankful for all of your patience in the classroom. Our teachers are very helpful and good at what they do, but they also love their jobs. Here are some of the reasons why our teachers love being teachers at EC Miami: “I’m always happiest when I’m interacting with students, helping them improve their English skills, and learning more about the world from their perspectives.” – Reese “I have learned a lot from my students and it is very rewarding to be exposed to so many different viewpoints.” – Eric “My job allows me to meet some of the most interesting people from all corners of the world.” – Juan  “I love teaching because not only do I get to share my knowledge but I also get to learn from my students.” – Michelle