EC Miami’s Student of the Month!!

Elias David Rodrigues – Advanced/TOEFL Class

Student’s Hometown

Lausanne, Switzerland

Student’s Miami Recommendation

There are so many interesting things in Miami that I could literally recommend you a hundred of great places to visit. But if I had to choose, my personal favorite would be Ocean Drive. Ocean Drive is known all around the world for its proximity to the beach, for the unique architecture of the buildings and of course for the immense variety of restaurants and bars that you will find there. P.S. If you see me at Johnny Rockets, I’ll buy you a drink!


Teacher’s Comments

Elias has been a wonderful addition to the Advanced Class due to his great critical thinking skills and his ability to use the English Language to express himself and his opinions. When he provides his points of view it is done in a coherent, well-structured manner while still sounding natural, almost native-like. This is impressive not only because he is able to implement difficult vocabulary and grammar structures into conversation, but also because most of the conversations in my class are difficult topics to grasp in any language. It is always a joy to have students with strong opinions as well as open minds in my class discussions and it is my sincere pleasure to be able to teach students like Elias reach the next level to better express themselves.