Advanced Students Lecture at EC Miami

EC Miami Advanced Class Lectures


Edwin’s Advanced class gave lectures on a variety of topics that impact them!  The exercise was great practice in writing, speaking and presentation skills.  Each student was able to write and speak about a topic of their choice and their classmates learned a lot from the lectures!

Ludmilla, from Ukraine, gave a talk on her PHD thesis.  Ludmilla is required to write and deliver this thesis in English. Her lecture was on ‘Interactions between Biomolecules and Nanoparticles’.  Ludmilla made the topic very accessible and the class engaged in both conversation and questions and answers.  Great practice for Ludmilla and great learning for her classmates!

Volker, another Advanced student, gave a presentation on his business: ‘The Different Forms of Renewable Energies’.  He is in sales and most often must conduct business in English.  His presentation engaged the class in a detailed conversation about why more isn’t being done to accelerate the use of Renewable Energies.

Great job!!