Supporting Hurricane Sandy Victims

EC Miami, along with all of the other EC schools in the USA, worked hard to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. As many of you know, Hurricane Sandy, which happened about a month ago, affected a lot of the US, especially the area around New York and New Jersey in a very negative way. Although there wasn’t many problems in Miami, the other states up north experienced lots of flooding and damage and many people died because of the strong storm. EC decided that we needed to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy including some EC staff members in other centers. Therefore, we organized a bake sale to benefit the Red Cross.

The bake sale was a great success. In total EC Miami raised $161 from the donations and profit from the cookies, brownies, empanadas, cornbread, and muffins cooked (or bought) by EC Miami teachers and staff, as well as a few students. The most popular item was definitely the homemade empanadas made by our L0w-Intermediate teacher Lynnette. She made about 90 of them and they disappeared very quickly. A few students were surprised to find out that empanadas, although they might look sweet, are actually filled with meat and many people took advantage of the empanadas as a lunch snack. A big thanks to all of our teachers and students who participated in the bake sale!