Why did you choose Miami?

Coralie and her friend Christian travelled to EC Miami together from Switzerland. They recently left EC Miami and headed back to their home country but they were great students to have in class here and Coralie became famous among EC Miami students when she wore a very creative Halloween costume – Cookie Monster (and she gave away cookies to everyone!). We like to ask our students why they decided to study at EC Miami. Find out more about Coralie and Christian’s choices and Coralie’s experience at EC Miami by reading their testimonials below.

“I improved my English for 3 weeks. I would like to stay and continue to learn but I must go back to work. I liked improving my conversation, especially on Thursday with the ‘Chill & Chat’. My accommodation in Hotel 18 was very practical because it’s good situated near the school. Thank you and all the best for EC school.” – Coralie

Christian said that both of them liked the weather in Miami, but he also pointed out that the distance was important to him.

“It’s also it’s not too far from my country. In less than 10 hours we can be there and it’s very nice.” -Christian

Did they convince you? Come study with us at EC Miami! Find out more on our website: http://www.ecenglish.com/school-locations/learn-english-in-miami.