EC Miami’s Spicy Sauce Challenge!

Yesterday, EC Miami students were put to the ultimate test. The EC Miami staff wanted to see which one of our international students can stand up to the Miami Heat!! EC’s, Dipshika Karki and 11 EC Miami students went to lunch at LIME on Lincoln Road for an introduction on Mexican tapas. Students ordered various platters featuring burritos, tacos, salads, wraps, and non stop chips & dip. LIME, features a variety of sauces ranging from the mildest of mild to scorching hot sauces; some which are banned for retail sale. Student’s tried different sauces to test their limits and while most of the students came out as winners in the “spicy sauce challenge”, some students were running for the water pitcher.

Did you know? There is a sauce called D-7 hot sauce, which can burn through meats. These  sauces are made from the hottest chili peppers on earth! Most people may not know this, but when consuming spicy food- water usually makes matters worst. The trick is to drink milk or eat bread to reduce the burning. New research shows that eating spicy foods, within limits, may actually be good for your health.