The Art of Possibility Chapters 5-8

The Art of Possibility Chapters 5-8 In this blog post I will be talking about some of the key points that were stimulated in me whilst ready these chapters. What I would like to share first is this wonderful bit of wisdom I got from a friend over the weekend. “Always see the good in people first. . … Read more

Doraku – A Restaurant Review by Sabrina

Doraku is famous for the most delicious sushi in town.  I already tried a lot of sushi restaurants but Doraku is my favourite one.   The waiters are very friendly and kind.  We didn’t wait for our food for a long time even if the restaurant was quite crowded.  The surroundings are very mo … Read more

Student of the Month – Marco K.

Kathy has a lot of wonderful students, but she chose Marco in the Intermediate class to be her student of the month for February.  Marco, from Switzerland, can  be seen around the hallways of EC Miami smiling, laughing, carrying a skateboard and speaking lots of English. To find out more about Marco … Read more