Teacher of the Month – Jessica Mulcahy

Beginner   Teacher’s Hometown Amesbury, MA   Teacher’s Miami Recommendation During the day, it’s nice to barbeque at the Open Space Park at 81st Street or lay on the beach. Right now my favorite restaurants are Amami on Espanola Way, Dore at the Ritz Carlton and Barrezito on Collins Ave. At night, I like to go out to poolside bars like Lou’s Beer Garden, Hyde Bar at SLS or The Broken Shaker at the Indian Creek Hotel.   Teacher’s English Tip My best advice for lower level students is to use new vocabulary. When you’re walking around or doing housework, try to name all the items you see or use. Higher level students should take advantage of being in the States by meeting English speaking friends and talking with them frequently, live and by text chatting if possible.


If you like sports and would like to get involved in activities with Miami Beach locals, then Flamingo Park is the place for you! It has a ton of different things going on over there. There are tennis and basketball courts, a running track and football pitch as well as 2 swimming pools! There are three main entrances to the Park that will lead you down the main promenade: 11th Street and Jefferson Avenue, 13th Street and Michigan Avenue and 13th Street and Meridian Avenue. Some services have to be paid for so don’t forget your cash if you go.

Brunch at The Palace

People here in Miami enjoy sun, sand and brunch! There are a variety of different options for that Sunday morning or afternoon frivolity. One of the most famous brunch experiences is at  The Palace, on 12th and Ocean. The Palace is a very unique gay friendly venue, that offers bottomless mimosas and a drag queen show. Be prepared to be stunned by the performers. They have two sittings, one around 11am and the last at around 2.30pm. Reservations are a must!

More than just English courses at EC Miami!

Being a student at our Miami English school doesn’t stop at taking a course. EC gives you extra! Have you heard of our weekly menu of academic workshops? They’re good fun, popular and absolutely free. Pronunciation Clinic: Your weekly chance to learn quick tips, pointers and secrets to practise and correct some common pronunciation difficulties. There are specialised sessions for different nationalities. Chill and Chat: It’s all in the name! Join a conversation with one of our teachers to discuss an issue or subject of interest on a weekly basis. See it as a great, additional opportunity for you to speak English outside of class, sometimes outside the school itself but always in a relaxed, pleasant environment. Lecture Series: Held once a month, this series is there for you to practise listening skills in a real-life setting, under the guidance of a teacher, staff member or another native English speaker in the community. Take notes, ask questions and write an essay after the lecture – you won’t regret a minute! Tutorials: Tutorials are one-on-one meetings with teachers which take place every 3 weeks. We encourage you to take tutorials if you have studied for 3 weeks or longer. These meetings will allow you to express any concerns and to talk about your strengths/ weaknesses and what you’d like to work on or improve. Reading Circle: Join our reading circle if you want to work on your reading skills in your General English core classes. Once a week, your reading circle teacher will discuss what you have read, go over new vocabulary and comprehension questions. There are other free activities for you to participate in and enjoy, but we’ll talk about them some other time, in the very near future! For more information about our FREE Academic Workshops, contact us.

FCE and CAE Course in Miami

Want to get your best FCE or CAE score but only have a limited time to study? At our Miami Beach English school you can take the unique Cambridge ESOL Summer Course. This 4-week course of 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours) is taught by our friendly, experienced and professional teachers. They will help you learn the skills you need to take an ESOL exam. On this ESOL  course you will: Practice speaking, listening, writing and reading. Learn the techniques needed to get your best possible score. Study in a modern school in a wonderful location. Improve your English in classes with students from all over the world. For more information on this Cambridge ESOL Summer Course, contact us.

The Lighthouse

As many of us already know, studying English is not only practicing speaking and vocabulary.  In fact, one of the best ways to practice your new language skills is to pick up a book and Read.  Many of our Cambridge students have taken advantage of their time here by reading specific books that may appear in some form on their upcoming exam.  For my CAE class, the students have been reading The Lighthouse, by P.D. James.  Set on a ficticious island just off the coast of England, the book follows a detective, Adam Dalgliesh, as he investigates the possible murder (or was it suicide?) of an island visitor.   Here, we see Jeannette (from Switzerland) in our student lounge catching up on Dalgliesh’s adventure.   Good luck to all of our students as they start their Cambridge exams next week!   -Mark

Where to Go During Breaks

Quick Guide for our breaks by Halvar Segafredo Coffee/espresso bar Close enough to walk in our 15 minutes break. Location: On the Lincoln Rd. right side of the street when walking from EC.      Fresh Market High-end grocery store. Have everything for lunch and everything is fresh. Location: 1800 West Avenue. Take you 7 min to walk. Epicure Combined grocery store and coffee bar. Epicure has many fresh alternatives, sushi, salad, sandwiches and warm/cold bar. Location: On the opposite side of EC on Alton Rd. Dunkin’Donuts Cheaper coffee than Segafredo. Close enough to walk in our 15 minutes break. Location: Same side as Epicure just further up the street. Doraku Happy hour during our lunchbreak. Make sure you have enough time to eat there. Price level: approximately 6/8 $ Asian cuisine Location: At the Lincoln Road across from the school.                

Key West

Key West – By Marisa A trip to Key West the most southern point on the east side of the US, is something that we highly recommend you to do. We have both been there and we would like to tell short about how to get there and what to do. There are different ways to go, one way is to go on a one day trip with Half Price Tours which is very convinient and cheap. Another way is to rent a car and gather a group which can be very fun. There are several car rental shops located on South Beach and also at the airport. Do some research in advance there are many rentals and prices can vary widly. The road down to Key West may give you some good sights so take your time an make some stops on your way. Hotels or hostels is easy to find and with resonable prices some places is also recommended by previous back-pacers. So if there is lack of people in in your group or just hard to figure out and land on an activity that suits everyone, find a back-pacer that think like you. Attractions: If you want to learn something about the history of Key West,  sightseeingtours can be done by busses who will drive you around in town while you can practice your listening skills by listening to the tour guide. If you want to see Key West from the water we recommend you to do a jet-ski tour around the island, it takes about 2 hours. Other adventures can be snorkeling, parasailing and sunset cruise (check that in advance), which is cheaper to do here than in Miami. Do not forget to look for the most southern continental point, picture beneath and watch the sunset at the marina.