It’s Turtle Time!!

Summer means many things in Florida.  The weather gets even hotter (August is particularly hot!) and more humid and people flock to the beach.  But it isn’t only people that you can see there.   Summer is also time for Loggerhead turtles (remember the “dude” in Finding Nemo?) to make their way back to the beach in order to lay their eggs. In fact, over 90% of loggerhead turtles make their nests in Florida.  These turtles swim thousands of miles during the year all over the Atlantic and Carribbean — but when it’s time to lay eggs, they return back to the same beach where they were born.   When the turtle arrives on the beach, it can take up to an hour for it to dig a hole, lay all of its eggs (60-80!), cover the hole and make its way back to the water.  After that, the mother turtle will never see its young hatchlings.  Approximately 60 days later, the eggs hatch and the baby turtles head towards the ocean.  They are instinctively attracted to the reflection of the moon on the water; this is why streetlights are turned off on the beach during this period of year.   Scientists have followed many of these large turtles as they swim the ocean year-round.  This website shows maps of several turtles that have been tracked.  It’s incredible to see the distances that some of these animals have traveled!!  

The scoop on hurricanes vs tropical storms – English Summer Courses in Miami

Here in Miami the weather can go from wonderfully sunny to ridiculously rainy one day to the next. This is the nature of hurricane season. But what is hurricane season and how can we know if it’s a hurricane on the way or a storm. Well here are some tips to help you tell the difference. The mane difference is the wind. A hurricane is any tropical based storm that has wind speeds greater than 74 mph. A “tropical storm” is a storm with winds of 39-73 mph. A “tropical depression” when a storm is tropical in nature, but has winds under 39 mph. More often than not the storms dissipate over the ocean before they even reach the shore. So don’t let the storms be a dark cloud over your head.    

Fit as a Fiddle

“Fit as a Fiddle” – idiom meaning to be in very good health. Bridget Moroney, our Low Int teacher and guest AY lecturer last week, embodies the idiom “Fit as a Fiddle” as a Crossfit trainer, and if the picture is any indication, a heavy weight lifter. Here is what our AY student Diego Cremades had to say about it: “Nowadays people are always looking for a different kind of working out, something different, fun, with quality, interesting and something that at the same time can give them results.  Due to all these facts was created CROSSFIT to give to the people a different kind of workout. Crossfit is a fitness activity which was created in 2006 in the US with just one gy.  There are now more than 5000 gyms around the world.  Crossfit is the combination of many elements in the fitness world, that is why, we use the word CROSS.  In this activity there are involved the most common movements from others sports that is why this is a way to be fitness or in shape to be able to any other sports. Crossfit was created by the coach George Glassman.  These happened when he was training police officers, firefighters and soldiers in the army.  By programming and working in this kind of workouts he ended up creating CROSSFIT because there were other people in this way of exercise.  These are the ten recognized general physical skills cardio, endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy. The good things about Crossfit as a fitness activity are that all the movements have functional movements that you need in your command days, other is the intensity how the workouts are with, the more you do in less time more intense is your work out giving your more results … Read more

Miami TOEFL Course

Did you know you can prepare for the TOEFL at EC Miami? Our Miami TOEFL course starts every Monday so you can join us at any time during the year. Choose the 4-week or 8-week option of 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours). On this course you will improve your speaking, listening, writing and reading. We will ensure you get the best result possible. The TOEFL is an important test to take if you wish to study at an English-speaking college or university. The minimum level required to take this course is Upper Intermediate. Improve your level with plenty of core English training, at the end of your course your exam results will reflect a significant improvement in your reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will learn: methods and strategies for successful integrated and independent writing the skills needed to speak confidently and succeed in a one-to-one interview listening strategies such as listening for gist and for detail skim reading for meaning, scanning for detail, paraphrasing, making inferences, and more Perfect your exam technique On this Miami TOEFL preparation course, you will learn the valuable exam skills needed to meet or surpass your expected result. Using sample papers and with continuous practice of specific tasks, you will become familiar with the exam you are taking and learn how to answer the questions as effectively as possible. Reach your linguistic potential. Gain an international qualification to prove it! Take TOEFL in Miami! Contact us for more information on this course.

Congratulations to our New Student Ambassador!

Hi! My name is Francesca Barbieri, I’m from Italy, and I’m really happy to welcome you at EC Miami! You will certainly enjoy your experience here because Miami is amazing, and can be the perfect city for anyone: whatever interests you, Miami has something to offer! If you need help, or any kind of suggestion, just ask me: I’ll be glad to be helpful!   If I can give you a first advice, I would recommend you to make friends from other countries and cultures: EC Miami offers you the wonderful chance to meet people from all over the world, and would be a shame not to take advantage of it! Spending your time with them will allow you to experience and improve your English, and for sure will open your mind!

Alina’s First Bagel!

Sometimes, students need a little motivation to get their work done.  Last Wednesday, the Upper Intermediate class had an in-class contest where they had to edit a writing sample.  The class was divided into three groups, with the winning group promised to receive “something good” on Friday, while the others were promised “something not as good.”   This morning, the winning team was served coffee and  bagels by the others in the class.  The rest of the class was able to join in after they served the winning group.  Here we see our Swedish student, Alina, enjoying her Very First Bagel!

Student of the Month – Claudia Alaix Martinez

Upper Intermediate Claudia Alaix Martinez  Student’s Country Colombia Student’s Miami Recommendation Miami is a wonderful city that has a lot to offer. I suggest going to Wynwood to enjoy street art and to take amazing pictures! It is also a good idea to ride a bicycle around SoBe. Don’t forget to go to South Pointe Park and the Venetian Causeway! I totally recommend going to Big Night in Little Haiti, which happens on the third Friday of every month, from 6 to 10pm. At this event you can enjoy music, food and drinks from this country. It is just awesome!!! Teacher’s Comments Claudia is a brilliant student who always gives 100%.  While applying the tools learned in class, Claudia consistently makes an effort to use English in her daily life. I am extremely proud of her.

Teacher of the Month – Alli Fowler

Alli Fowler Upper Intermediate   Teacher’s Hometown Miami, Florida     Teacher’s Miami Recommendation Right now my favorite thing to do is sit on the beach and drink a glass of wine with friends. If you see me at the Broken Shaker don’t be afraid to stop by and say, “Hello!” Teacher’s English Tip When learning try your best to remain patient and open minded. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde  “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” -Albert Einstein

The 4th of July: Only the beginning!

  The 4th of July celebrations might continue over this weekend, but there’s so much more to look forward to doing and seeing throughout the rest of the month. If you happen to be learning English at EC Miami during July, take a look at this delicious mix of relaxation, fun, food and music lined up for you right here: Miami Spa Month You have more than a month (July 1 – August 31st) during which to enjoy some pampering and assorted treatments at some of Miami’s fanciest spas. International Hispanic Theatre Festival This acclaimed festival takes place from July 11-28 in various Miami locations. Expect some of the best theatre companies from Latin America, Europe and the United Sates. The festival also includes educational workshops and special events like International Children’s Day: a day of free activities and plays for all to enjoy. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Calling all fashionistas out there, here’s an event for you! Taking place from July 18-22 on Miami Beach, this is an annual showcase of the latest swimwear designs from big names and emerging designers, all of whom will participate in runway shows, glamorous VIP events and parties. Miami Beach Food Truck and Music Fest Enjoy the best of both worlds: food and music on the 24th July! Local food truck delights include burgers, seafood, healthy snacks and ethnic specialities, all to be eaten to the sound of great live music. Yum! Miami Salsa Congress Running (or should we say dancing?) over 5 days (July 24-28), the Annual Miami Salsa Congress is a well-loved Latin music and dance festival featuring an impressive mix of top Salsa talent, as well as local and international dance performers, world-class dance instructors, DJs and more! Wishing you all a fantastic month!