While many sports are popular in the USA, the most popular league is by far the NFL (National Football League). The basic idea of the sport is pretty simple, concentrating on distance — in fact, it is often called a “game of inches”. Football season officially started on September 5th, but the Miami Dolphins didn’t play at home until their third game of the season, on September 22 vs. the Atlanta Falcons. A group of students went to their first-ever NFL game (on their own, not with the school!) and had a great time! The Dolphins won and are having their best start in a decade, and many more students are planning to go in the coming weeks. Thanks to FCE student Katia Delseth for the pictures!  

Student Writing – Community Service (by Leah Park)

Every month, we invite a guest to come to our school and give an academic-style lecture to the students.  Students write essays on the lecture, and a winner is chosen.  This month we have TWO winners!   Tolmage Thornhill works for Miami city regarding community service.  She gave us a lecture about what community service is, and what they do for the city.  Generally, community service is a kind of safety net.  For their city, they provide a wide variety of services both hard and soft.  Community service is provided by federal, state, and local programs.  Federal community service is done by the United States government, like SNAP, Social Security, medicare, and TANF.  State programs are done by various departments like the Department of Children and Families.  State programs also work together with local programs.  For local programs sources of funding are important.  About community service, I think the system is too complicated.  Usually people who need help are not able to find information and prepare for eligibility.  So I thought that people who are working for community services need to find actively find people who need their help.  She also introduced an interesting volunteering program that I can participate in.  Besides, she talked about the seven habits.  The seven habits are to be proactive, with the end in mind, put first things First, first think win-win, seek first to understand, then the understanding, synergize and sharpen the saw.   –Lean Park is a High Intermediate student from South Korea.

Student Writing – Community Service (by Diego Chico)

Every month, we invite a guest to come to our school and give an academic-style lecture to the students.  Students write essays on the lecture, and a winner is chosen.  This month we have TWO winners!   All systems in all coutnries have their bad parts.  This is why there are a lot of people in all communities around the world having bad moments and living with difficulties for example economical, health, housing problems and even old people who do not even have relatives to talk to.  But the good part is that there are people and organizations (non profit organizations) that are there to help all these people with their issues.   Here in the Miami Beach Community there is one of these organizations supported by the government and the private sector.  Its mission is to help people to make their problems easier to overcome with different kinds of programs.   For example there is one that is in charge of assisting people with their needs, such as helping people with food stamps, employment services for those people who do not have jobs or have difficulties finding one.  There are even a lot of federal programs operated by the government of the USA that give people SNAP, social security, medicare, Medicaid and TANF.   Also because of all the medical issues in this country these organizations are trying to fight in order to change something to make it easier for common people to go to a doctor.   There are also state programs that protect children from child abuse and neglect.  (These are founded by the US Government but operated by the states).  These organizations also have programs for people who want to help in order for them to be able to volunteer by helping to clean common areas, … Read more

Idiom of the Week: “Like the back of my hand”

As we all know, language can’t be translated word by word.  Everyone that has tried to learn a new language has certainly fallen into the trap of looking at individual words and translating them back into our own.  The results can be extremely embarassing/funny/awkward/confusing.   In American English, when we say that we know something like the back of our hand, this is saying that we know something very well.  You could say that it’s something that we know by memory — something we don’t have to think about.   “I don’t need you to write the lyrics to that song, I know them like the back of my hand.”   “I’ve read that book so many times, I know it like the back of my hand.” “I’ve driven there so much that I don’t need to use my GPS.  I know the route like the back of my hand.”

Red Bull Flugtag Comes to Miami!

Red Bull brought its “Flugtag” event to Miami In September!   For the uninitiated, competitors from around the world compete in five different cities on that day to see who has the best homemade “flying machine”.  Of course, this needs to be done next to a large source of water, as these “machines” aren’t very air-worthy, and everything that goes up, must come down.   Several students from EC Miami went to the event on September 21 (with lots of sunscreen, of course!)  Thanks to Katia Delseth, one of our FCE students, for the picture!

Idiom of the Week – A Blessing In Disguise

Can  you guess what this idiom means? Does it mean: 1) Santa Clause is going to come and give you presents dressed as someone else. 2) You have to disguise yourself. 3) Something good that isn’t recognized at first.   Leave you thoughts in the comments box.

Staff Member of the Month – Amanda Ross-Gomez

Amanda Ross-Gomez Center Director   Hometown Chicago, Illinois   Miami Recommendation Eat your heart out!  We are lucky to live in this diverse, multi-cultural city.  Miami’s international residents have brought their amazing culture and food from their home countries.  If you only try hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza while you are here you are missing out!  You can’t visit Miami without trying Cuban food (and coffee!).  All within walking distance from the school you can try Argentinian, Peruvian, Brazilian, Columbian and Haitian foods, just to name a few…  Get out and enjoy all the cultures that Miami has to offer!   English Tip Join an EC Activity!  We offer lots of great activities and excursions where you will have a chance to meet other students and staff.  We also have several student-led clubs, including soccer and salsa which meet at the center.  If you have an idea for a club or an activity you would like to see on next month’s calendar, come see us at the front desk and tell us your suggestion!

Student of the Month – Jiwoong Choi

Elementary   Student’s Country South Korea Student’s Miami Recommendation Miami is one of the best cities in the world. You can go to beautiful beach and meet all cross country people especially winter season weather is going to be better. I think you don’t need to go to another country if you stay here because I already met European and South American people and more. It’s impossible to count. It is a very nice experience. Staff Member’s Comments Jiwoong was looking for opportunities to meet new people and practice his English, and he made it happen!  We couldn’t be happier that Jiwoong has volunteered to be our Soccer Club leader!  He is friendly, outgoing, and not afraid to speak English.  Jiwoong will be studying with us until January and with his great attitude I am sure that he will continue to work hard and make great progress!  Congratulations Jiwoong!