New Teacher Profile — Lindsey Jordan

  Meet Lindsey!  One of the newest additions to our Miami English School! About me My name is Lindsey Jordan and I’m originally from Nashville, TN.  I’ve been living here in Miami for almost a year and a half, but I’ve been traveling here since I was a child. I enjoy going to the beach, exercising, traveling, spending time with my friends and family, and learning languages. I have also lived in Spain and Mexico. Professional Experience I am a native English speaker and I have been teaching for five years.  I’ve taught K-12th grades in the public school system, adult general English, and business English. I began my career in Spain, working in a public Spanish high school.  Later, I returned to the US and worked teaching Elementary and Middle School students. Currently, I teach adults and I love it because I meet new students every week from all over the world! Learning tips Don’t be shy in class, take advantage of your time here and speak as much as possible! Don’t worry about making mistakes, that is how you learn! My classes are… My classes are interactive, fun, and comfortable so that you can practice and improve your English.  Additionally, I like incorporating speaking activities as much as possible to help students improve their fluency faster. My favourite spot in Miami is… South Point Beach (most southern point of Miami Beach) and Key Biscayne (Bill Baggs State Park-beach by the light house) You can’t leave Miami without… Eating Key Lime Pie! Originally from Key West, but popular all over southern Florida. It is very refreshing on hot days or really any day!

Idiom of the Week — “See eye to eye”

This week’s idiom is (not) being demonstrated by Michelle and Shawn. Why is it “not” being demonstrated? Because they are literally looking in each others eyes. This, however, is not the correct meaning of “seeing eye to eye” with someone. Idioms are strange; you can’t use a dictionary to learn about them. Idioms need to be used and practiced in order to truly understand them. “Seeing eye to eye” is essentially agreeing with someone on a particular point, or subject. Imagine you’re planning to order food with a friend. You want pizza, but your friend wants to get something healthier like a salad. In this case, you and your friend wouldn’t see eye to eye on dinner. But when you and your friend (or anyone else for that matter), share the same opinion and/or idea, then you “see eye to eye” on that particular point. One thing that everyone can see eye to eye on, is that idioms are a big part of learning at our Miami English School!

NFL Football — by Myriam Hocquel

Here at our Miami English School, teachers and/or guests are invited to give an academic-style lecture on cultural interests outside of class.  Last week, two of our EC Miami teachers, Mark and Eric, spoke with two groups of students about Football.  Students wrote about the lecture, and a winner was chosen from each group.   The winner for the High-Intermediate/Advanced group was Myriam Hocquel from France:   American Football is different than soccer.  The difference begins with the field.  A football field is longer than a soccer one, but on the contrary a soccer field is wider.  The second big change is “the rules.”  Inspired by Rugby, football was created by Walter Camp in 1879.  It mostly consists of controlling the distance and the clock.   In the USA, the NFL (Football’s league) consists of 32 professional teams.  A team is divided in two:  the offense (team which has the ball), the defense (without the ball).  Defense and offense don’t play at the same time.   The offense team must progress on the field until the endzone.  The defense must top them and tackled the offense’s players in the aim of preventing them from scoring.   An entire football team is composed of 53 players.  During the game there are 11 on offense, and 11 on defense.   So what are the principal rules?  The game begins with four downs for the offense to move the ball ten yards.  It can do this by using running plays or passing plays.  If the ten yards are reached, the team has four more downs.  If it is unable to do this, it can on the fourth down punt the ball the farthest away so the other team should begin its four downs with more distance to reach the endzone.   By reaching … Read more

Gigi’s First Heat Game!

One of the newer students at our Miami English School, Giangiuseppe Torsiello (he goes by “GiGi”), made one of his dreams come true last weekend and went to his first Miami Heat game. As you can see, he is a SuperFan: Saturday night I went for the first time to a Miami heat pre-season game against the San Antonio Spurs. For that occasion I got a new haircut with the Miami Heat logo on the left side. Going to this game was like a dream for me because basketball is one of my favorite sports and the Heat are my favorite team. Also, three of my favorite players are Heat players: Dwayne Wade and obviously Lebron James, the third is Rajon Rondo who plays for the Boston Celtics. The game was cool, and I had a lot of fun, but it was just a pre-season game so the arena was half full and Lebron didn’t play, that made me sad. But the Heat won and D-wade scored 25 points so I was almost happy. At the break there was the cheerleaders show… well no comment haha. Plus at any timeout the DJ put on some music and the public started to dance. It’s very funny with some cameras around the arena filming you and you will appear on the big screen. It’s totally another mind and a other type of public than the Swiss public in a soccer game for example, especially in my town, Lausanne. I really like the atmosphere of the arena and the way the game was. I can’t wait for the begining of the season and I hope to have the chance to come back to see a game. Let me know if you are interested :). — GiGi (High Intermediate)

Idiom of the Week – “Hitting the Books”

This week, two of the Student Ambassadors at our Miami English School are demonstrating this week’s idiom: “Hitting The Books”. Obviously, the idiom isn’t as violent as a direct translation would make it sound. Neither Minji nor Vanessa is getting violent with any of their books, and neither of them are shaking with anger, either. Saying that Minji and Vanessa are hitting the books is simply to say that they are studying very hard. In this case, they are preparing for their upcoming Cambridge exams (just around the corner in early December!). When students (in any kind of school or class) don’t hit the books, it is difficult to expect any kind of improvement. So, take a cue from Minji and Vanessa — HIT THOSE BOOKS!!

Fernanda’s Celebrity Encounter!

Fernanda Reis, a Brazilian student who is here at EC to prepare for her Cambridge exam, had a close encounter of the celebrity kind last week when she ran into Pharrell Williams just outside of the building. Pharrell is well-known in the hip-hop community for his work with the Neptunes, N.E.R.D., and his recent solo work. He’s been heard all over the radio recently on Robin Thicke’s single, “Blurred Lines”.  As Fernanda explains: I was having lunch when I saw him crossing the street. I was not surprised for me because many people I know had met him before here in Miami and I knew that I would met him also someday. But I was so exited because I think Pharrell is an awesome producer and singer! I asked Abdul to take our picture. He (Pharrell) was really nice and friendly to everybody, which made me admire him even more. Learning English and Celebrity Encounters – just a day in the life of our Miami English School. Special thanks to Fernanda for the picture!!

Vanessa’s Skydiving Adventure!

Many students here at our Miami Language School have taken advantage of the local skydiving school recently.  Vanessa Schorr (from Switzerland), one of our Cambridge students here at EC Miami went with a group of friends last Saturday.  Vanessa writes: The best word to describe skydiving? Awesome! There is nothing comparable to it. Shawn took me and eight of my friends from EC Miami to Skydive Miami. Most of us were incredibly nervous, others scared and then there where the ones that were just super-excited. Yes, I go definitely in the last section as you might see in the video. Actually, my instructor even wanted me to scream on the plane because I was “the calmest person I ever had to take for the first-time-jump”. The first 30 seconds of free-fall were incredible! You can’t breathe, but you don’t have to anyway because you are entirely fixed on your feelings. And when the parachute opens, and you glide back to the ground, the view is stunning! You can see the Everglades, the Keys and, as the weather was good, even some of Miami’s skyline. I would recommend skydiving to everybody! It is an awesome experience, you will have a lot of fun and when you touch the ground you probably want to do it all over again. Well, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the last time for me! Great job, Vanessa!!  You can see Vanessa’s skydiving video here.

Student of the Month – Heinz Heeb!

Our “Student of the Month” for the month of October is Heinz Heeb! Hello, my name is Heinz. I have been here since the 30th of August. The reason I’m here is just to improve my English. Miami is a nice place with a lot of things to do. You can go to the beach if the weather is good or when the weather is not so good there are a lot of shopping stores or malls. Near Miami are some other nice places which you can visit with the school, like Key West, the Everglades, Bahamas, and Orlando. I’ve really enjoyed my time in Miami to now. I met some new good friends from all over the world. For going out at night it has a lot of beautiful clubs. Maybe the greatest clubs I’ve ever seen, but there are some disadvantages like some special dress code. And it’s very expensive. I regret nothing. I would do the same again. If you have the possibility to come to Miami, DO IT!   Prospective students looking for a Miami English School should take Heinz’s advice (as well as a cue from Nike) and Just Do It!

Staff Member of the Month – Shawn Pantin

The Staff Member for the month of October is our Accomodations Coordinator, Shawn Pantin! Shawn is originally from Trinidad & Tobago, but now lives here in Miami Beach. He’s worked at EC Miami since May of this year. Shawn’s Miami Recommendation: Skydiving and SCUBA Diving. Some of the best diving in the world is in South Florida. Shawn’s English Tip: Practice speaking English as much as possible while not in class. Immerse yourself in the language! Congratulations, Shawn — and thanks for all the hard work you do!

Happy World Teachers Day!

Today was World Teachers Day, and the teaching staff arrived this morning to discover breakfast being prepared for them! Pancakes, bacon, juice, coffee … Maybe a Mimosa or Two. Thank you Teachers, for all that you do! And an Enormous Thank You to Elisa, Reese, Lynnette, and Amanda for all the hard work they put in to make today a special day for the teaching staff!!