Idiom of the Week — “back to the same old grind”


Today in the United States, it is Veteran’s Day. On this day, most businesses are closed, as well as the federal government. Veteran’s Day is a day that is used to commemorate the sacrifices that the men and women of our armed services are honored for the sacrifices they gave to this country. We take this day as a day of rest, and it always falls on a Monday in early November. Because of this, we have a three-day weekend.

For many of us, it is difficult to get back to the same old grind on Tuesday. A long weekend gives us time to relax and recharge — but returning to the same old grind the next day can be a little difficult, and many of us bemoan having to wake up early again. Having to return to work. Having to do the same routine that we always do.

If you figured out that “back to the same old grind” was an idiom for “returning to the usual work routine,” then you’re right! Another common idiom that we use in American English. Students that are preparing for their TOEFL or Cambridge ESOL Exams would be wise to remember it!