Academic Lecture — “Thanksgiving” — by Minji Kang



Every month students are given an opportunity to attend a college-style lecture given either by one of our teachers, or by an invited member of the community.  Over the time since the EC Miami English School has been open, we have had many students learn about varied subjects.  One constant, however, is in November when Thanksgiving is discussed.  This year, two lectures were given to students in different academic levels.  Students wrote about the lecture they attended, and then one winner from each group was chosen.

This month’s winner was Minji Kang, also one of our student ambassadors and one of our CAE students:

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest national holiday sin America.  Literally, it means giving thanks, and celebrating with family or close friends while eating a lot of food.

However, some people say Thanksgiving should be more like mourning rather than celebration.  Because it is based on American history which has a tragic part.  The pilgrims moved to America from England for religious freedom.  Because of their rough journey, they had to learn how to cultivate and hunt from Native Americans.  Although most Native Americans were killed by the pilgrims in a battle, after that.  These days, people usually focus on “giving thanks” for the harvest.

Turkey is the representative food of this day, but there are also other foods such as potatoes, cranberries, green beans, and pumpkin pie as dessert.

In addition, it’s not just sharing food.  The meal is followed by some interesting things like Black Friday and watching sports games.

People watch NFL games at home, and many stores provide huge discounts on their product on Black Friday.  Also, Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in New York is so famous that it is televised in all the states every year.

Lastly, there’s one wawy to celebrate Thanksgiving for foreigners who don’t have family in this country.  Buying cooked turkey in Publix (a supermarket) and sharing it with friends, like I will do.