Idiom of the Week — “get it/catch on”


Recently I (Mark) started teaching a TOEFL class here at the EC Miami English School.  Students are frequently interested in the TOEFL when they want to work and/or study in the United States.  Often, much like with the Cambridge exams, students will come here to Miami to prepare for their TOEFL exam.

But, let’s be honest — the TOEFL is difficult.  Students often start the class with a high level of frustration, simply because it is a new way of looking at the language for them.  However, as time progresses, students begin to get it.  It may take them some time to catch on, but once they do, they find that are able to get it much quicker.

When I was a student, I remember very clearly when I finally started to catch on to Spanish.  It was a great feeling when I finally got it and was able to communicate in a foreign language.

Of course, I’m talking about understanding!  By now, you‘ve certainly caught on.

Do you get it?