Pronunciation Clinic — Every Tuesday at 11AM and 2:15PM!

Every Tuesday there is a free pronunciation clinic available to all students at EC Miami!  The students pictured above (three of the students in this picture are taking Cambridge ESOL courses with us) spent 45 minutes with me this afternoon practicing one of the most difficult sounds for foreign spe … Read more

Idiom of the Week – “break up”

Uh oh.  It looks like there is trouble in paradise.  Remember last week when Gigi asked Myriam out?  Well, something must have happened, because now they are breaking up.  Did one of them find another person?  Was there a big fight?  We might never know the real reason why they broke up.  Such an ev … Read more

Student Testmonial — Pirmin!

  Pirmin is currently one of our Student Ambassadors, and is taking General English courses with us at EC Miami.  Perhaps, in the future, he will be ready for Cambridge ESOL courses! I chose this destination because when I decided to come to America it was important for me that the weather is w … Read more

Student Testimonial — Stanislas!

I had chosen this school because I had a holiday, and I wanted not only to study but also take a rest for me. So I choose here. I thought Miami would be a great place for me to relax. I have learned English pronunciation, some grammatical rules and speaking skills. Especially I like to interact with … Read more

Idiom of the Week – “ask out”

It’s February and love is in the air!  We can see our Student Ambassador, Gigi, is definitely in the spirit.  A red rose in one hand, and the hand of a beautiful woman in the other, we can see that he is asking Myriam out on a date.  Perhaps dinner?  Perhaps a movie?  Maybe a romantic walk on … Read more

Sandro Completes the Miami Marathon!

  Sandro Huegli, one of our Intermediate students, arrived from Switzerland in January.  Last Sunday, he surprised students and teachers by completing the Miami Marathon!  Sandro writes: My name is Sandro, I’m from Switzerland and I’m staying with my brother Manuel in Miami for 7 weeks. We want … Read more

Student Testimonial — Vanessa Schorr

  Vanessa is one of our former Student Ambassadors.  Some of you may remember her from her skydiving adventure a few months ago.  Vanessa came here to take one of our Cambridge ESOL courses to prepare for her CPE (She passed!).  She recently sent an email talking about her experience here at EC … Read more

Idiom of the Week – “strike up a conversation”

You know what can be difficult for some people?  Striking up a conversation.  Sometimes, people are just too shy to strike up a conversation with someone they’ve never met.  Your first day at a new job, for example, can be one of those times.  A man looking at a beautiful woman from across the … Read more