Student Testimonial — Elizaveta Shmakova


Every week we receive new students from around the world here at EC Miami.  Elizaveta has been studying with us here since September, and is currently taking one of our Cambridge ESOL courses.  In fact, after her first month here, she was one of her Academic Lecture essay contest winners (about NFL Football)!!

Hi my name is Elizaveta and I am from Russia. I have been here for 5 month and now I want to tell you about my life here. In my opinion, America is a great country and there are many things to love it for. But something is so different from my country. I think that the majority of American is very kind and friendly. I remember my first day in Miami. Even though I didn’t know English, but everyone I asked for directions was polite, patient and helpful. I am so grateful this school for the teaching of English. I think now EC Miami is my little family. In our school, you can meet people different countries and I think it is unforgettable and very interesting experience. All in all, if you want to speak English, You need to be active, don’t be shy, and do homework and everyday work at home, read books.