Idiom of the Week – “ask out”

Gigi is asking Myriam out on a date!

It’s February and love is in the air!  We can see our Student Ambassador, Gigi, is definitely in the spirit.  A red rose in one hand, and the hand of a beautiful woman in the other, we can see that he is asking Myriam out on a date.  Perhaps dinner?  Perhaps a movie?  Maybe a romantic walk on the beach?  Judging by the look on Myriam’s face, she accepted his invitation, and they will go out soon.

If someone asks another person out on a date, it means they are going to spend time together with a romantic possibility.  Who knows, maybe because Gigi asked Myriam out, they will have a future together.  We’ll see!

These idioms (and more!) are just waiting to be discovered in our General and Cambridge ESOL courses!