Idiom of the Week — “Slip of the Tongue”

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a time that I had put my foot in my mouth.  It was a rather embarassing situation, and one that I wouldn’t want to repeat again. But we all have moments when we have a slip of the tongue like that.  Perhaps you accidentally told a friend about a surprise birthday party that was being planned for him/her.  Another great example of a slip of the tongue would be if a supervisor mentioned the possibility of employee layoffs — without realizing that those employees were in the room! A slip of the tongue is when someone makes an accidental or unintended comment.  This idiom is generally used when the person says something, and then immediately regrets having said it.  When you make a slip of the tongue, you are also putting your foot in your mouth! Taking TOEFL tests in Miami?  These idioms will help you!

Idiom of the Week — “do over”

Everybody makes mistakes.  It’s normal.  Unfortunately, we don’t always have the opportunity to do all our mistakes over.  At a school like EC Miami, students are always given opportunities to do something over if they make a mistake.  Only by doing it over are students able to learn from their mistakes, so that they don’t repeat them. Imagine all the times you said something embarassing in front of a group of people (in English or in your native language) – you’d certainly like the chance to do it over, wouldn’t you? Of course, to do something over simply means to do something again in order to correct a mistake.  One more idiom for your collection!  These idioms and more will be useful if you take the TOEFL test in Miami!

Idiom of the Week – “Goof Up”

When students come to EC Miami from around the world, one thing they are usually worried about is goofing up in class.  It’s understandable.  Nobody likes to goof up, especially in front of a group of people.  One time, when I was visiting Colombia, I goofed up using a certain vocabulary word.  The teacher in class corrected me, and I learned very quickly how to say that particular word in Spanish.  I never goofed that particular word up again! It’s OK, to goof up sometimes.  In classes, if students don’t goof up, then they won’t know what mistakes to learn from! Of course, you guessed by now that to goof up is simply to make a mistake.  We all do it, both students and teachers alike.  But if we never goofed up, we would never learn! More idioms that you can learn if you take TOEFL tests in Miami!

Staff Member of the Month — Michelle Brillouet!

If you take Cambridge ESOL or TOEFL in Miami, you might meet up with Michelle! Hometown:  London, UK Michelle’s Miami Recommendation: GET OFF SOUTH BEACH! There are so many fun things to do on the mainland, why not take that leap of faith. If you haven’t already, go to Wynwood for art walk. Eat at some authentic Central/South American restaurants and see some fantastic street art. One of my favourite places to go for a late night munch is Lost and Found Saloon. Try the burritos and salads, you will not be disappointed. Michelle’s English Advice: Don’t be afraid to say something. Go to a local bar or coffee shop and strike up a conversation with a random person. You never know who you might bump into.

Idiom of the Week – “Foot in Mouth”

A couple of years ago, I was in an elevator going from the third floor to the ground floor.  A young woman stepped onto the elevator and the doors closed. I looked over at the woman, and just to make friendly conversation, I asked her, “When is your baby going to be born?” Her answer?  “I’m not pregnant.” This is a perfect example of a time that I put my foot in my mouth.  No, of course I didn’t literally stick my foot and toes into my mouth (I’m not nearly that flexible).  It simply means that I said something that shouldn’t have been said —  I made a mistake! When was the last time YOU put your foot in your mouth? Taking TOEFL tests in Miami will help you learn these idioms and more!