Idiom of the Week – “Goof Up”

When students come to EC Miami from around the world, one thing they are usually worried about is goofing up in class.  It’s understandable.  Nobody likes to goof up, especially in front of a group of people.  One time, when I was visiting Colombia, I goofed up using a certain vocabulary word.  The teacher in class corrected me, and I learned very quickly how to say that particular word in Spanish.  I never goofed that particular word up again!

It’s OK, to goof up sometimes.  In classes, if students don’t goof up, then they won’t know what mistakes to learn from!

Of course, you guessed by now that to goof up is simply to make a mistake.  We all do it, both students and teachers alike.  But if we never goofed up, we would never learn!

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