Idiom of the Week — “Take a Nap”



Life isn’t always so easy.  Even for students that are taking English courses with us here at EC Miami.  It can be exhausting for students to take a few hours of classes, grab some lunch (or not — some students prefer to sit outside and catch some rays) and then prepare for their elective.  Some students, like our friend pictured above, find time to take a nap between courses (and honestly, while waiting for a World Cup game to start).  It’s healthy to take a nap.  Some people will take a nap for 30 minutes or so, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Of course, when you take a nap, you aren’t really “taking” anything.  It’s just an expression for when you want to sleep very quickly (20 or 30 minutes) and grab a quick rest.  Just don’t take a nap in class!!