Idiom of the Week — “Hit the Sack”



Uh oh.  It looks like these students are taking a nap in class!  Certainly they didn’t come all this way to study English in the USA only to fall asleep in class!  Perhaps they threw a party last night and are trying to catch up on their sleep?  No matter the reason, they clearly need to hit the sack a bit earlier if they want to be successful in their English courses here at EC Miami!  Perhaps hitting the sack by 10 PM would be a good idea, especially if this group has classes starting at 8:30 AM!

On weekends, they probably hit the sack much later than usual, but during the week we all need to hit the sack at a decent time so that we can get enough rest for the next day.  By now, you realize that hitting the sack is simply going to bed and getting some sleep.  What time do you usually hit the sack?